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The Power of Unwavering Belief - by Rinatta Paries

The Power of Unwavering Belief - by Rinatta Paries

There are two ways you can work toward the goal of having your dream relationship. The first way is to want, hope for and try forcing it to happen. Unfortunately, that's not usually enough to bring you what you want. The other way is to deeply believe in your dream and to take action in line with that dream. Having an unwavering belief that your dream will one day be realized, you will grow to have a sublime relationship, even if you have a history of bad relationships.

Both singles and people in relationships often believe simply desiring a fulfilling partnership badly enough will bring results. Singles try to meet the right partner. They hope. They make plans for how life will look once their dream partner is by their side. They spend a lot of energy and time on wanting. Yet, they frequently don't succeed in attracting the right relationship.

People in relationships hope their partners will meet their needs, learn to communicate, become more responsible, etc. They nag and manipulate. The desire for change in the relationship consumes them. Yet, they frequently don't succeed in causing any significant relationship change either.

When you have a firm grasp on your belief, letting it dictate your attitudes and actions, you can succeed in attracting the kind of partner you want. When you believe in our dreams without wavering when confronted with difficult or negative circumstances, you can succeed in creating the kind of a relationship you want.

Can you imagine believing you will attract the right partner, right in the middle of a drought in dating? Or right after a breakup? Can you imagine believing your relationship will turn around, right in the middle of a fight, or a big disappointment with your mate? Yet, it is this kind of faith -- a seemingly irrational belief -- that will ultimately get you exactly what you want.

If this sounds strange, let's look at this kind of unwavering belief in the face of difficult circumstances throughout history. Benjamin Franklin, Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandela, Susan B. Anthony...each of these outstanding people, and so many others like them, could not have achieved their greatness without an unwavering belief in their dreams, seemingly impossible at the time.

How do you find the strength to believe you will have the love you so want in your life, regardless of current circumstances? There are a few tricks to developing this unwavering belief:

1. Get complete
*Get complete with your parents
*Get complete with your past relationships
*Get complete with yourself for the choices you've made
*Get complete with the opposite gender

Getting complete frees up your energy.

2. Decide on what you want
*Examine your dreams
*Look at your hopes
*Get to know what you really want

If you have a little voice in your head saying you can't have what you want, you have not yet figured out what your wants are. Simply ignoring this voice is not going to work. When you have determined what you really want in life, the little voice will go silent.

3. Choose permanently
*Choose that you will have the partnership you want
*Raise your standards so that anything less than what you choose is no longer acceptable in your life
*Stick to your standard no matter what

What happens when you choose to have a great relationship? Things that do not align with your choices become obvious, giving you opportunities to rid them from your life. This is the first test of your ability to have unwavering belief.

4. Stop tolerating
*Set your boundaries with grace
*Do not tolerate unacceptable behavior from others *Do not settle

This is the second test of your ability to develop unwavering belief. If you believe you can have what you want, you will stop tolerating anything less than your desired outcome. You will let go of short-term relationships that do not align with your standards. In a committed relationship, you will learn to negotiate to uphold your standards.

5. Have faith and trust
*Know that your dream relationship will be reality
*Gain faith
*Choose to trust your life and yourself

Have faith, trust in the process of life, and know you will get what you desire without evidence. You will know you have gained faith when you no longer feel the roller coaster of hope and disappointment.

6. Take action
*Make sure that you have a great life
*Make sure to have fun
*Make sure to live fully every day

Take action steps necessary to create a fertile ground for a great relationship. Grow yourself to be a fulfilled person who can be a great partner.

7. Get results by holding fast to unwavering belief

Now that you have taken the necessary steps, it should be easy to hold to an unwavering belief that you will have love in your life. At this point you are virtually guaranteed to create an outstanding relationship!

Your Relationship Coach,
Rinatta Paries

This article was originally published by Coach Rinatta Paries in "The Relationship Coach Newsletter," a weekly e-zine for people who want fulfilling relationships. For singles, the newsletter will help you attract your Mr. or Ms. Right. If you're in a relationship, you will learn to create more closeness and intimacy with your mate. To subscribe, go to


Rinatta Paries is a Relationship Coach and a Master Certified Coach. With nine years of relationship coaching experience, she works with singles to help them attract their ideal relationship, and helps couples create more love and fulfillment in their existing relationships. Rinatta is the author of the popular "Relationship Coach eNewsletter," designed to inspire, educate and coach both singles and couples in how to attract and sustain a healthy, loving, fulfilling relationship. Visit her web site at or e-mail her at


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