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The Power of Patience by Leonard Roos

The Power of Patience A.K.A. Good Things Come to Those Who Wait! by Leonard Roos

When a farmer wants to eat oranges, he gets himself an orange seed, make a hole in the ground and plant the seed. Once that is done he adds fertilizer to the ground, waters it regularly and..., you guessed right, he waits!

However, in contrast most people in the world, who wants to eat oranges would go and buy them. They don't want seed because that would mean they would have to wait. They would rather have an orange not after a year or two years, but here and now. However the only way you will get oranges that are ripe and ready to eat is if you buy them.

But what if you are poor, where will you get the money to buy the fruits you want, again and again? The farmer will certainly not give them to you for free, because it took him years to plant, water, and care for that tree that bears him the fruits.

There is a saying: Give a man a fish, and you'll feed him for one day. Teach him to fish and you'll feed him for a lifetime.

The laws of success are no different from the law of agriculture. To attain success, wealth and happiness you must understand that there is some waiting required.

All the rich and famous people you see and admire today, waited for their success. It didn't come instantly. There is a purpose in the waiting, for it prepares you for the time when you would have the success. There are many who didn't wait for their success. It came instantly, and departed just as swiftly as it came.

When they read the title many people may think, that waiting is all you do and that there is nothing else to it. Well, let me tell you its far from it. To tell you the truth, there are billions of people who are sitting on their backsides and waiting for their ship full of wealth to pull into the harbor one day.

But I can assure you that for 99.99 percent of those people that would never happen. So what am I then talking about?

What I'm talking about is, following the farmers example and finding some seed, and planting it. Now in your case this doesn't literally have to be an orange seed. It can be an idea you have to use your talents creatively and to do something different with your life.

I didn't mention this at the beginning, but when the farmer chooses a seed, he doesn't just pick any seed. He picks a seed that is most suited to his farm, his weather and his environment. In the same way, when you pick a seed it shouldn't be any seed or idea. The best ideas are rare and unique ideas that nobody thought of before.

It should be something unique to you that will suit your style and compliment your personality. Ideas are easy to find and don't cost money just as seeds are inexpensive. But it is what you do with it afterwards that counts.

Before a farmer plants the seed he prepares the ground, with fertilizer. When you pick an idea you should think it through and plan how best you can implement it.

After planting the seed the farmer makes sure that the seed receives enough water. He may have to make a sand wall around to keep the water from running off. When he has done everything that is required, the farmer waits for the seed to germinate.

You should do the same with your project. See it as a little seed that you need to take care of and soon, you too will have a thriving project that will return with interest what you invested in time and effort.

Last week has seen the launch of yet another record breaking Harry Potter Book. All those records mean more money for the author J.K. Rowling and I know that many people silently wish that she would throw some of those millions their way. But that is unlikely to happen, for those millions are the fruits of the seed she planted and which eventually became a huge business.

She was a single mother struggling to make ends meet. All she had was a desire to succeed coupled with the talent to weave stories of magic. At the time, she herself didn't realise the huge potential of her talent. She nevertheless used this as her seed and the rest as they say, is history. It didn't happen overnight. It required effort and time, but in the end it paid off handsomely.

You can make it happen too, if you are prepared to put in the necessary effort and wait.

About the author:

Leonard Roos is the author of "How to Unlock the Awesome Power of the Universe", a step by step success manual. He has touched and helped change the lives of many through his work. Visit his website at now for more revealing insights or subscribe to his email newsletter.

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