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How to Find a Career You Love

How to Find a Career You Love

Does your current job feel satisfying? Is your life missing excitement and passion? Do you feel alive only in your spare time outside of work?
Careers that Satisfy the Soul. Most people dont find their careers fulfilling or meaningful. And today more and more people are dissatisfied with this situation. They say, If Im going to devote so much of my time and life energy to work, I want my career to be worth it. However, it isnt easy to find or create work that truly satisfies the soul. Thats where Life Purpose Coaching comes in.

Jim Daniels came to me because he wasnt happy with his career in biology. In his last year of graduate school working on his Ph.D., he questioned whether he wanted to be a biologist. But he had no idea what he did want.

Your Life Purpose. In Life Purpose Coaching, people ask themselves fundamental questions such as: What is my life really all about? What would be truly fulfilling? Do I want to be part of something greater than myself, to have a mission? What is my unique gift to the world? I see life purpose as a contribution to the world that gives your life passion, fulfillment, and meaning through dedication to something larger than yourself.

Once the basics of your life are OK, you become interested in these questions. We all need to find meaning in life. If you ignore this need, it can lead to restlessness, boredom, or depression. You may wonder, Now that Ive got a good job, money, and a relationship, why am I not happy? Isnt there more to life?

Joy in Life. The good news is: There is much more. And many people can find it through career. It will take effort and creativity. It might take years; it might involve sacrifice. But in the end it is well worth it. Living your life purpose leads to joy and deep satisfaction.
Jims Story. In our coaching work, Jim started out exploring his interests, talents, and special qualitiesjust as he might have with a career counselor. Then we went deeper. He examined his values, whats really important to him in life. He recognized a strong desire to help others, and also a deep connection to the verdant richness of nature.

Finding his Calling. Through guided meditations he uncovered his sense of mission or calling. It became clear that he wanted to do something to protect and restore the integrity of the natural world, though not as a traditional environmental activist.

We brainstormed options for careers in this areateaching, consulting, research, advocacy. He finally decided that he wanted to finish his Ph.D. and use his expertise in biology to help with environmental restoration. He had found what truly called to him; his passion was aroused.

Access to Wisdom. Jim gained more than just an answer to the question of his life purpose. He also learned to access his depths. As with each of us, there is a wise and loving part of Jim that lives in the deeper flow of life, the meaning underlying day-to-day events. This is sometimes called the higher self." To discover life purpose, you must get to know this aspect of yourself. You may access it when you are quiet and alone and go deeply inside. Jim accessed it during our coaching sessions, and learned how to inquire about his life purpose from that inner place.
Checking Deep Inside. As he pursues his steps toward a new career, he will sometimes need to ask: Does a particular choice really match his life purpose? Should he attend that school, take that job, join that team, create that project? Each time, he will need to check inside to see if it truly aligns with his life purpose. And now he knows how to do thateither on his own or with my help.

Jim is on his way to a true vocation, one that will invoke his passion and lead to a fulfilling and meaningful life.

Follow-up. A couple of years after our coaching, I received the following email from Jim:

I thought I'd let you know where I ended up. After about 18 months of post-doctoral detox (including 4 months on walkabout in Europe, 7 months of a self-esteem boosting quickie postdoc in work related to my PhD, and 6 months of blatant unemployment - not in that order) I found a position for a postdoc with molecular biology experience (that's me!) in an environmental engineering lab that uses bacteria to deal with ground water contamination (including MTBE, perchlorate, et al). So far its a perfect symbiotic match - I teach them bench-top techniques and they teach me, often while laughing, about soil sampling, pollution monitoring and, just a bit, about the regulatory side of environmental work.

Thus, for now at least, I followed the dream. Not without cost my former mentor just about disowned me for dropping off the given path - but if I use this position to network a bit and look around, I may be on the way.

In summary, Jay, thank you. I'm very very happy with where I've gone, and I wouldn't have dared go there without you.


You have permission to reprint this article. Use it in your ezine, your website, or your newsletter. The requirements are to include the entire article and a footer containing this reprint permission and the following: "Article by Jay Earley. Visit for other articles and more information about Life Purpose Coaching."

Please send me a message with your responses to this article. I welcome your ideas or descriptions of your personal journey in finding your life purpose. If I have your permission, I may include it in the website. Click here to read other people's stories.

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