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The Power of Suggestion by Marcia Yudkin

The Power of Suggestion

by Marcia Yudkin

A couple of weeks back, I received a fundraising letter from
the political party in which I am registered. With the
upcoming presidential campaign so critical to the future of
the USA, I decided before I had read very much of the
letter to donate $100.

Upon picking up the reply card, however, I saw that the
printed choices of amounts to donate only went up to $50.

My mind spun. They spend tons of money on fundraising
appeals and are surely aiming at the highest possible intake,
my thinking went. So mustn't there be some good reason they
didn't list $100 as a donation option? Maybe $100 would
make trouble for them and me in some way...

This uncertainty halved my intended donation. I gave $50.

What happened with this political letter also happens when
potential customers read your sales literature. Consciously
or inadvertently, you plant ideas about the kinds of clients
you serve and how much you charge through your choice of
words, examples and graphics even before a conversation about
fees and services gets started.

Make sure you suggest the message you intended!

Reprinted with permission from The Marketing Minute, a free weekly
newsletter on creative marketing:
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