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The Purpose and Power of Action by Robert Knowlton


The Purpose and Power of Action

For you to manifest your Purpose and contribute, Action is required.
Doing something.

It is my belief that your true purpose is trying to come forth and manifest in some way or other at all times.

To come forward, to manifest, it requires action. It requires doing.

We "do" all day, everyday. So, the act of doing is ordinary to us.

True power comes in conscious action. Conscious authentic "doing" that is in natural alignment with what you want to create, which is in alignment with what you want to contribute, which comes from the drive of your purpose.

We are actually driven to bring form to our purpose.

You and your authentic purpose exist as potential. You exist as possibility until you add action. Through action, your purpose has a way to be expressed. You move from potential (what you are capable of) to kinetic (what you manifest in the world). Your actions create a context for your natural purpose to flow.

Although we are not as simple as plants, they can offer us a basic understanding of this process. The influences are similar because they are part of nature.

A seed's natural drive to sprout and grow is contained within it (the oak tree potential within an acorn). The built-in nature within the seed is unconsciously "driven" to manifest itself in growth. It can't not have this "drive." Its nature is to do this no matter what the context. It uses all the resources available to it. Sometimes it succeeds, sometimes it doesn't. When the appropriate resources are kept away (for example you store the seed in a watertight light-free container away from the elements necessary for it to grow), the seed remains completely in the potential stage waiting to manifest itself. (It seems, unlike humans, seeds don't get frustrated when they don't manifest their purpose.) :-)

As soon as we provide appropriate conditions for the seed, an environment of water, soil, light and temperature, the healthy seed will seek to optimize all the elements available to it NO MATTER WHAT!

The seed and then the plant will shift from its potential into active manifestation and grow. The seed has no choice. It is in its nature to manifest itself as a plant.

The plant will do whatever it can do to seek out the resources available. It puts down roots to take nutrients and water. It reaches to the sun for light and warmth, maximizing all that is available.

We are similar in that we are naturally driven to manifest our potential. The seed and the plant don't have to think about that. Conscious choice is the difference here.

The key point I am raising is about action. The seed/plant strives to optimize all that is around it. Its clear goal and purpose is to optimize all that is available at the moment, to grow and be productive as a plant.

Human beings also seek to optimize. We optimize with an added element. We have choice. Choice to create the context in which to optimize.

Given we have choice and we are naturally driven to optimize our gifts and purpose, how have you chosen to act? Your reality is a good reflection of your choices.

Many people ask me, "What action should I take to manifest my Purpose? There are so many options. How do I know what path is right for me?"

Here are a few ways to help align your actions with your purpose.

1) As I have mentioned previously, it is VERY helpful to clearly identify your purpose -- what you want to contribute.

2) Have a clear and particular outcome you want to create. Creating is a critical tool you have at your disposal. Create by identifying the emotions, feelings, sounds, and pictures of what you want. See how your desire aligns with and is a natural extension of who you are.

3) Take Action. For maximum effectiveness, take action aligned with both your purpose (what you contribute) and your goal (what you want to create). Not just one burst of action; take continual action.

As you proceed, you will identify opportunities to optimize; opportunities that call on your purpose and help you manifest your goal.

Without action, you don't give "the system" an opportunity to respond. When you get a response, you then act again. Appropriate action will give you appropriate results. Results are the yardstick to tell you if your action was correct. Did you hit the target or do you need to adjust your aim?

This sounds simple because it is natural. Take aligned action and let's see where it takes you. From there, act again. From there...

Take consistent action and give the seeds of fulfillment, purpose, and creativity the space to grow so we can all share in your gifts.

(c) 2000, Robert Knowlton

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