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Self-Discipline is the Key to Success by Patti Brotherton

Self-Discipline is the Key to Success

By Patti Brotherton
Mastering self-discipline is the key to success and it can be learned. With this key you can accomplish anything! Without it, nothing worthwhile or lasting can be achieved. In order to learn self-discipline you need to first know the characteristics of self-disciplined achievers.
There are several dominant characteristics that identify a self-disciplined achiever. These behaviors made it possible for high achievers to reach unbelievable goals in all areas of their lives. The first is a strong sense of purpose. These achievers know what their purpose is in life and will do everything to reach their goals. Here's a little exercise that you can do to find out your purpose in life. Pretend that you have been granted three wishes. You have to make these personal wishes of something you want (not world peace, for example). Think long and hard because you only have three. Now, out of those three wishes, what is the one you want the most? That is your purpose.

The next characteristic of a self-disciplined achiever is that they have a mentor or someone they wish to emulate. All top athletes talk about someone they watched and adapted their style and made it even better. The most renown people in the world had a mentor. General Patton studied Hannibal. We all have people that we learned from, perhaps a parent or teacher. The top achievers have learned from someone they wish to emulate. Anthony Robbins says that one of the great success strategies is to model what works. Look at someone who is successful and model what works!

Another characteristic of a self-disciplined achiever is that they visualize. They have seen their goal fulfilled, they know what it feels like, where they were, how they lived; they experienced it in their minds. Wayne Gretsky recently said that every night before a game he skated the entire game in his mind. The French have a word that we are very familiar with, dejavu, meaning it has been seen before. The self-disciplined achiever has already visualized attaining his goal.

The self-disciplined achiever has a strong belief in self. They KNOW they can achieve their goals and nothing will stop them from doing it. It is possible no matter what happens in their life or how long it takes.

Which brings us to the next characteristic, patience. The self-disciplined achiever has patience that it will happen. They know that they must keep going after their goal. They know that all people can walk 1000 miles-it merely takes one step at a time. You cannot do it if you are sitting down or turning around. So they are patient because they know the end result will be success.

Another characteristic of a self-disciplined achiever is perseverance. They will not give up. They do not believe that they have failures, but simply inconveniences. They know that if they keep going in the right direction, they will arrive at their destination.

And, that points out another characteristic of a self-disciplined achiever, they plan. They map out how they are going to get where they are going. They do the activities that will get them where they want to go and plan how long it will take, how many calls they have to make, how much it will cost, and what they will need to say to accomplish their goals.

The self-disciplined achiever is always learning. They learn from their own experiences as well as the experiences of others. They are always adapting to the market place, learning new technologies, and growing in knowledge. They are always honing their skills to make their job easier and make sure they reach their goals.

The last characteristic of the self-disciplined achiever is that they love what they do. There is very little distinction between work and play. They enjoy their work and derive great pleasure from what they do.

The way to learn self-discipline is to study the characteristics and adapt them to your business. Be honest with yourself and work on the ones that you are weak in and in no time at all they will become a habit. There is no lasting success without self-discipline. But, once you become familiar with the characteristics of the self-disciplined high achiever, you'll be able to adapt your own life to include these positive values.

Patti Brotherton
PAB Performance Partners
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