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The Power of Going For Your Dreams by Peggy McColl

The Power of Going For Your Dreams

Hi, this is Peggy McColl from

It was Napoleon Hill who said: There is one quality one must possess to win, and that is definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what one wants and a burning desire to possess it.

Incredibly simple, yet it can be a challenge to understand.

Allow me to share with you my interpretation of this powerful quotation by Napoleon Hill, and the relationship between this Empowering Message about the Power of Going for Your Dreams, starting with having a definiteness of purpose.

When you think of your dreams, the biggest motivator to get you going and keep you moving toward your dream is the reason why. This is where your purpose comes from. If you know why you want the dream, and that why is big enough, meaning that it is very important to you, then you will fuel that burning desire to possess it. Sometimes youll need to remind yourself of that reason why to keep that passion burning.

It is up to you to keep that fire lit. To keep that passion burning. Another, powerful and extremely effective method to accomplish this is to become fully associated to the feeling youll have when you achieve that dream. You have to imagine what it will be like when youve reached that dream and then you act as if you are already there. And, you can step into that feeling right NOW. This is one of our great freedoms and the incredible power of our minds.

Contrary to what most people believe, achieving the dream is not the goal, it is a FEELING that you get when you achieve the dream. And, creating that feeling in your body now accelerates attraction energy and youll be vibrating in a state that will cause you to move toward that dream.

A number of years ago I was motivated when listening to an audio program by Tony Robbins. I had a desire to purchase a home, but I didnt have the money to do so. I was driving my car and listening to Tonys 30 Day Personal Power Program and I heard Tony talk about The Philosophy of Stretching and Im paraphrasing here, but he said the philosophy of stretching is stretching yourself beyond your normal comfort zones when you are pursuing your dreams and it is never about what youll get, it is about what youll become! Wow, that was powerful it is about what youll become.

Thats the power of going for you dreams. It isnt for what youll get; it is for what youll become.

Think of your dreams! If youve forgotten them, remind yourself againright now. Get excited about them. Step into the feeling of having those dreams fulfilled and hold on to that feeling and youll see that dream materialize as if by magic.
Ill close this empowering message with my favorite quote of all time by Henry David Thoreau:

If you advance confidently in the direction of your goals and endeavor to life the life that you have imagined, you will meet with success unexpected in common hours.

Wishing you the fulfillment of all of your dreams.

Peggy McColl

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