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How to Set Goals Like Bill Gates by Mike Litman

How to Set Goals Like Bill Gates

Hey Champion

Hope you're doing AWESOME and April is starting off GREAT for you!

I just got back from a seminar I spoke at in Texas this weekend and I
want to share with you a 'theme' I heard from3 coaching clients I was
able to get together with there.

What was so interesting to me is that ALL 3 of them said the EXACT
same thing to me.

Let me make this point and then, right after, show you a powerful and
SIMPLE success principle.

So tough.

I was scattered.

I was a procrastinator.

I tried to generate $10,0.00 a month before I ever $5,000.

I tried to generate $1,00.0,000 before I ever ear.ned $100,0.00.

I was trying to reach my goals, but never to pay my dues.

I had a ton of ideas, but no results.

I was going backwards faster than the famous track athlete Carl Lewis
runs. It wasn't pretty.

But then things started to change.

Just like they have for these 3 coaching clients I met with at the
seminar this weekend in Texas.

We've helped these 3 individuals change their lives and income
and let me share with you this one point we've held them ACCOUNTABLE

This ONE point I used to transform my finances and I STILL use it

Here's the 'principle':


***MAKE your GOALS smaller.

"What Mike?"

Yes, you can have a big vision, but make your goals smaller.

"Can you explain Mike?"


When I was $5,000 a month, my goal next month was $6,500.

When I was ma.king $12,0.00, my next month's goal was $14,0.00.

And on and on.

The seminar I was at had about 500 people. I asked them: 'How many
people set big goals and still weren't where they wanted to be?"
95% of the room raised their hands.

These 3 coaching clients I met with at the seminar all have MOMENTUM.

That's what happens when you have PROGRESS and you reach your goals.
take a deep breath and take ONE step at a time.

Success is counterintuitive.

Sometimes to go faster, you need to go slower.

I bet if you make your goals 50% smaller, you'll have 100% more

This is your year. Try this for 60 days and watch what happens.

Here are the results for these 3 coaching clients.

Two have doubled their

One's income is up 25%.

All three have seen their confidence and happiness skyrocket.

2005 is your year to unleash YOUR greatness!

Talk to you soon.
Mike Litman

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