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The Power of Just Looking Them In the Eye by Michael T Smith

The Power of Just Looking Them In the Eye by Michael T Smith

My boss and I walked down the hallway of our building. Hi, John. I said to a passing gentleman. Hey, Susan! I called to a woman headed to the water cooler. Jeff, whats shakin? I asked another.

My boss looked at me, Ive been here longer than you, and yet you know everyone. How do you do that?

I didnt answer right away. He made me realize, I did know almost everyone who worked on the four floors our company occupied in the building. It was like that at almost company I have worked, and continues at the new company I work for today.

I knew the security guards that monitored the our safety. I knew the cleaners, the maintenance men, the bosses, and the workers. I knew them all. Hundreds of people I could call my friends.

Outside the office, wherever I lived, I knew all the neighbors. I knew the grocery clerks and the guy who takes the carts from the parking lots. I know the postman and the guy behind the counter at the 7/11 down the street

Its simple. I finally answered. I look them in the eye and say Hi!

Thats all it takes. I see them in the hall and I say, Hi! How are you? Soon they recognize me and will say Hi! or Good Morning! to me first.

After three or four Hellos I stop and stick out my hand. Hi! My name is Mike. I work in the project management group. They take my hand, tell me their name and what their position in the company is.

Its that easy. Just look em in the eye and say Hi!

I do it on the street, when I catch someones eye. I do it in the elevator, Ill catch their eye, say Hi! and start a conversation. Its amazing what you can learn about people and their lives.

All around me are people who go through life, plodding along, looking straight ahead and not seeing the people around them. Perhaps they are distrustful or lost in their own thoughts, but just imagine what it would be like if everyone took a few minutes to look em in the eye and said Hi!

I realize, if everyone on a busy street was saying Hi! to each other, it would be kind of silly and pointless. Just take a few minutes to select a couple of people a day, someone whose eyes you meet, and say, Good Morning! or Hi! It could make the difference between them having a good day or a bad day.

By sharing my stories with you I am doing the same thing. I share my life with you. Many of you mail me back, and I learn about you too. The internet allows me to say Hi! around the world. Its a wonderful thing.

So remember, just look em in the eye and say, Hi!

Michael T Smith

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