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Overcoming Fear by Ian Cameron

Overcoming Fear by Ian Cameron

Our thoughts swing between regrets or anger about the past and fears of the future. The result is stress and health problems. So live in this wonderful moment
Excerpt from the breakthrough book,
Heal Thyself by Ian Cameron

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Fear weakens us. It invites stress and illness into our lives. It silently affects every aspect of our lives our health, relationships, even our finances. So how do we overcome this fear? How do we attract health, happiness, and peace of mind? There are a number of ways.

First, you can simply observe the sensations in your body when fear arises. When your heart races, your chest tightens, the adrenaline pumps, and the butterflies flutter in your stomach, be with all of these sensations. Observe the unpleasant sensations caused by fear, go deeply to them, and they will dissolve. Every emotion in the mind has a corresponding sensation in the body. So when we observe sensations in the body, we released them, and our mind becomes clear.

Another powerful weapon against fear is to realize that you belong. You belong to God, to the universe or some power. Find comfort in the fact that God is taking care of you. He is taking care of all your concerns and worries. God is right there behind you one hundred percent. You are not separate from God. You are part of God. He is looking after you in the same way that a mother looks after her child with total love.

See the impermanence in everything. Everything is changing within you and around you. The world is constantly changing. You are not the same person you were last year. Emotions come and emotions go. When fear arises, know that the intensity of the fear is always changing and that it will soon subside and disappear. It is not possible for the dark cloud of fear to permanently obscure the sun, which is the joy and love within you. All clouds move on. A great strength comes to us when we see everything as impermanent.

We can empower ourselves even more by simply letting go. Fear is clinging onto something, holding on, and not letting go. But what can you hold onto in this life? Nothing. Its all flowing, dissolving, and growing. Life moves like a movie. You cannot stop the movie and hold onto any one frame. Let go and let God. Let go and the shackles off fear and worry will fall from you.

Yet another trick to overcome fear is to realize that you only have the present moment. Right now
is all that exists! We are anxious about the future. We torture ourselves with disturbing thoughts of what will happen tomorrow, next week, or next year. But these are only imaginings, nasty tricks played by our minds. Live in the present moment. Meditate, and dive into the profound, healing present moment.

Fear creates a physiological imbalance in our bodies and we feel stressed. If we are stressed over a long period, we soon begin to suffer from a certain type of disease. And the fear of having a serious illness makes us feel even more anxious, which exacerbates our health. A downward spiral of fear soon brings us despair and misery. But, with a little courage, we can spiral back up to good health. Above are a few powerful ways of achieving this and I encourage you to try them in your daily life. You will feel lighter, have more energy, and be happier!

So, why do we suddenly feel so much better after applying the principles above? The reason is that we are attending to the very source of the mind, which is pure consciousness, pure love, and love is the highest healer on the planet. Love is not an emotion it is your very existence. An infinite ocean of love exists within you. By applying the ancient wisdom above in your life, you bathe your body and mind in this vast ocean of love within, cleansing yourself of fear, stress, and illness. You quickly find relief, joy, and peace of mind.

When I compare my life to other people, I feel very lucky that I have come across such life-changing wisdom. Compassion for others suffering led me to write, Heal Thyself, a 242 page, poetic sharing of how to create a fulfilling life. We need to find a way to handle our own minds, so that we can remain calm in a fast paced world. Vibrant health, peace, and happiness are possible. Life should not be taken too seriously. With wisdom, it becomes a fun game to play.

Wishing you joy and health,

Ian Cameron, Author of Heal Thyself.
Biography: When Ian Cameron fell serious ill at the age of 21, he embarked on a search for truth and how to attain health and happiness. He studied the wisdom of enlightened masters and applied it in his life. In 1997, he traveled to India and learnt personally from a spiritual master. After more than thirteen years of suffering anxiety, depression, and arthritis, he found peace of mind and wrote, Heal Thyself.
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For the past thirteen years, I have studied profound knowledge from the worlds highest authorities and applied it to overcome severe anxiety, depression, and arthritic pain. Today, thanks to this knowledge, I experience abundant energy, joy, clarity, and peace of mind. And I continue to attract loving relationships and experience great personal success!

Now its your turn - I wish to share this sacred and powerful wisdom with YOU through my exceptional book, Heal Thyself. I want you to overcome stress, illness, or simply feeling dissatisfied with modern life.

This book explores over 50 Truth Statements that target and resolve your deepest issues, which you've struggled with for so long. It is a poetic sharing of valuable lessons from recovery. Heal Thyself will dramatically improve your health and experience of life!

In my breakthrough book, I show you how to reconnect with the deepest part of yourself, which is the very source of healing. Through easy-to-understand language, I creatively cover topics such as:

* The cause and purpose of suffering

* Powerful ways to beat depression and dissolve difficult emotions such as fear and anger

* Effective techniques to overcome stress and virtually any disease

* Increasing peace, love, and joy in your life

* Managing periods of crisis effectively

* Your true identity and how you belong to this entire creation
Heal Thyself is 242 pages and explores over 50 powerful Truth Statements that will transform your life! Go to Click here to find out more

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