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Going to a New Level By Stacey Mayo - The Dream Queen

Going to a New Level
By Stacey Mayo, "The Dream Queen"

Are you ready to go to a new level in the New Year? In your life? Your
career? Your biz? Your Relationships? I AM!

Selling my old house and moving into this brand new home symbolized going to
that next level. To sell my old house, my husband and I had to clear out some
clutter. We let go of lots of stuff and gave it away to Goodwill. Then, it
came time to move and we realized we had more to let go of because much of
what we had no longer fit at the new home (read that next level).

In cleaning out things, we also realized how much abundance was already there
that we were not tapping into. We found things we had not seen in years, some
turquoise stones, a heated coaster to keep my hot tea warm, a space heater,
lots of coins, Mexican pesos and much more. Some of these things we kept and
many we decided to sell and yet others we gave to charity. Then when we got
to the new house, we realized still more of it didn't fit -- physically did
not fit in the space. Looks like we will be having yet another garage sale.

While I don't plan to move very frequently (read ever again) I think this is
an exercise that is worth doing every year. Try cleaning out everything in
your living and workspace as if you were moving, i.e., going to the next
level. What no longer fits? Get rid of it to make space for what will fit for
you at the next level. Notice what abundance is buried right where you are.
If you take on this exercise, drop me an email and let me know what you find.

Let's take this analogy of letting go to move to the next level a step
further and apply it to your dreams. Take a moment to answer the following

What aspect of your life do you want to take to the next level?
Who would you need to be to go to that next level?
What behaviors would you need to change?
What would you need to learn?
Who could you learn from?

Example: I watched the finale of The Apprentice the other night. Now for the
most part, that show is just pure entertainment and I haven't seen many good
role models on it in the past. But in this last show, one of the finalists,
Rebecca, who is only 23 years old, was an exemplary model of how to deal with
life when it gives you lemons. The headline performer for her event cancelled
at the last minute. She dealt with this by quickly asking what are other
options. She never broke a sweat, said a curse word or even got upset. As a
result she and her team found a new performer quickly and pulled off an
excellent event.

I was so impressed by this that I made the decision this is how I need/want
to handle trying situations as I take my business to a new level.
To do that, I need to let go of old ways of dealing with things not
going right such as getting frustrated and venting before moving on. Instead
I intend to look for the next solution even more quickly than I do now. I am
choosing to let go of an old behavior and take on a new one. And I've asked
people in my life to remind me of this (just in case I forget).

What behaviors do you want to let go of? What new behavior do you want to
replace it with? Decide to do it and make a commitment at a level of 10.

Stacey Mayo is a Master Certified Coach, founder of the Center for Balanced
Living, author of "I Can't Believe I Get Paid To Do This!" and creator of
The Dream Movie

If you are serious about going to the next level, consider joining
the Living Your Dreams coaching group to support you in making it happen.

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