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The One Decision by Judith Wright

The One Decision by Judith Wright
Special Offer

Tick, tick, tick...21 days until your New Year's Resolution is nothing but a
memory by Judith Wright

Just three weeks -- that's what it takes for the average New Year's Resolution
to fail. Your new ultra-light jogging shoes, expensive fitness membership, or
highly detailed budget will not change the statistics -- 21 days after the ball
drops on Times Square, you'll be right there with the rest of us -- justifying,
ruminating, and making excuses for why you can't keep your resolutions -- It's
too hard, I didn't think it through, I'm too busy.

The 'why' behind your resolution

Why do you struggle with resolutions year after year? Or if you are among the
few who do succeed, why doesn't it bring you everything you hoped for? Twenty
years of coaching and training those who succeed and those who fail have shown
me that a New Year's Resolution is only as good as the "why" behind it. You may
think you want to lose weight to look better, but there is a deeper "why"
behind your desired weight loss. Maybe you think that if you're thin you'll get a
boyfriend who will then bring love to your life. But your deeper 'why' is really
about loving yourself and feeling loved. You may think you have to find the
perfect job this year because you are not happy where you are. There is nothing
wrong with pursuing a new job, but why do you want it? Do you want it so that you
can be yourself and share your gifts fully? If you discover this deeper why
then you can begin sharing your gifts right where you are and not wait for the new
job. Making a commitment to finding and living this "why" -- the true yearning
of your heart, the deeper desire -- is what I call The One Decision.

Make a One Decision

More than a resolution, or a goal, the One Decision is a very powerful choice
that will help you reach all the goals you've ever set -- and achieve more than
you've ever dreamed. The One Decision shifts your perspective. It informs every
decision you make, from the clothes you wear to the food you eat, and it
transforms the quality of your life, from the level of intimacy you experience to the
abundance of your bank account.

Don't wait for tragedy

Too often people wait to make a really big decision until they discover the
"why" through tragedy or loss -- a divorce, the death of a child, or a severe
injury. Lance Armstrong, seven-time Tour de France champion, made a One Decision
when he found out he had cancer. He made a bigger commitment than merely
surviving -- he chose to 'live strong.' He not only won his battle with cancer, but he
also went on to win seven consecutive Tour de France races. And his decision
gave him the courage and strength to keep winning.

But you do not need to wait for illness, tragedy, or loss to discover your
"why." And if you're thinking, "I don't want to win the Tour de France! I just want
to fit into my jeans!" rest assured you don't need to be a world champion to
make your One Decision. Your personal One Decision, your guiding beacon or
purpose, is waiting for you. You simply need to claim it.

A real life example

Carrie is a corporate trainer who had tried every diet imaginable -- no sugar,
no fat, no salt, no wheat, no "white things;" the blood type and body type
diets, high fiber diets, liquid diets, and special food diets. In the past 30
years, Carrie had gained and lost enough pounds to equal her total body weight and
probably yours too! Needless to say, simply resolving to lose weight never
worked for her. Then Carrie looked at the "why" behind her motivation to lose weight
-- she looked behind all the other resolutions in her life and saw that her
real motivation was to be loved. She figured that if she were thin then people
would love her. But the problem was if people only loved her if she was thin, then
was it really love?

One Decision, one simple question

She was in a bind until she decided that it was her own love, not the approval
and seeming love of others, that mattered. She made a One Decision to "learn to
love herself beyond measure." From that moment forward, her relationship to her
body, and to food, completely changed.

Rather than deliberating before every bite, "Should I have the carrots or the
graham cracker? Which am I allowed to have for my diet? If I cheat on my diet,
can I make up for it later?" Carrie now asks one very simple question, "What
would I feed someone I really loved?" Suddenly her food choices are simplified and
she's taking care of herself in all areas of her life. She's naturally
exercising more. She's launched her own business, and she is deepening her
relationships. Carrie is not focused on getting thin overnight, but she has already lost
over 20 pounds that she knows won't be coming back.

A great life is based on a great decision.

The One Decision is not a list of to-dos, it's a bigger commitment. It's a
shift in perspective that influences every other decision with purpose and meaning.
It's the "why" that gives meaning to every "what" in your life. The One
Decision is a beacon that guides you in any situation you're in -- whether it's
choosing your career, your mate, what to eat, what to say, or even what to wear. It's
the commitment that great lives and great people are built on.

Tick, Tick, Tick. Your life is ticking by, now how will you live it? Will you
make another New Year's resolution you don't intend to keep? Or will you make a
One Decision that will completely transform the quality of your life, forever?

Judith Wright -- educator, consultant, lifestyles expert, and author of The One
Decision -- has appeared on The Today Show, Good Morning America, Fox & Friends
and over 300 other radio and TV programs. The One Decision, is endorsed by
Stephen Covey, Ken Blanchard, Tom Peters, and many others. Visit Judith Wright at
Special Offer

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