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The Power of Taking Care of Your Body by Dr Stan Harris


In 1997 after traveling to all 50 States and several countries Dr Stan Harris collapsed out of exhaustion. He regained his health after making some radical dietary changes, and taking nutritional products that provided his body with the needed nutrients. Dr Harris started doing Health Seminars almost biweekly in response to many request from people who saw and heard of the drastic changes that he experienced. Dr Harris is presently pursuing his ND Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from the College of Natural health in Oklahoma. He has helped numerous people with their health, and well being! Dr Stan has given his health message to many thousands of people. He spoke to over 5,000 teenagers in NC concerning their Health, and received a standing ovation. Once at a Bill Gothard Seminar in Knoxville,TN he spoke to over 17,000 people concerning their health, he uses humor, and easy to understand principles that has changed peoples lives, and could possibly change your life if you would apply them!

If you don't take care of your body, where will you live?

How could this have happened to me? I just remembering waking up with a Doctor looking at me. I didn't know where I was, who I was, or even, if I was (bad English, but it best describes how I felt). I was unable to walk, and I could barley even talk. Now to put this in better perspective, one week before my collapse, I put my hands thru 22" of burning bricks, jumped and broke a board 9 ft. in the air with a kick. While Iaying on a bed of razor sharp nails, I had 100 lbs. of cement blocks broken off of my stomach, with a sledge hammer!

Hi, I'm DR Stan Harris (Doctorate in Divinity, and a few credits away from a Doctorate of Naturopathic medicine) Here is my story, I use to travel 320 days a year in Evangelism (I've spoken in all 50 States and 14 foreign Countries), and I averaged about 4 hours sleep a night for over 18 years of my life. I was very zealous (I must have thought I was going to save the world all by myself), but out of balance, and deceived into thinking that if I looked okay, I was healthy.

In a nutshell I neglected, and even abused my body with lack of proper rest, junk food, undue stress, etc. No, I did not drink, smoke, chew, or run with those who do, but I had reaped what I had sown! I ignored my health, and it went away! I burned out! I lost my health, and now I was told that I would never speak again! If this could happen to a Black belt Hall of Fame, Karate Champion, it could happen to you as well if you don't take proper care of your body. I looked okay on the outside, ( I did martial arts) but health is based on your internal organs, and state of mind. Aren't you sick and tired of being sick, and tired?

God graciously gave me another chance after I changed my diet, rest patterns, attitude, etc.!
Please allow me to give you Five Essentials for Ultimate Health.

1) Food
Did you know that you can't put dead food in a living body (Temple) and expect to get life out of it? Death begets death, and life begets life! Anything boxed, baked, in a can etc., has had the life force taken out of it, so eat as much food as you can, the way God made it. Eat more fruits, vegetables, nuts and salads. You are what you eat, digest, and assimilate. Slow down when you eat, chew your food instead of taking two bites and swallowing like I use to do. I ate the wrong things (fast or junk food), at the wrong time (late night), the wrong way (not chewing properly), for the wrong reasons (emotional hug when depressed, rewarding my self). It would be wise take some good supplements because the nutritional value in our foods today are not what they were in the past.

2) Water
You need purified water daily. Most of us are dehydrated. Drink 3 glasses of water consecutively when you feel depression coming on and see how you feel. We all know we need to drink at least eight, 8 oz glasses of water a day, but how many of us know that we get rid of, or lose about eight, 8 oz. of water a day thru urine, sweat etc. Anything carbonated or caffeinated causes you to lose fluids. If you could take half of your body weight, and convert that to oz., and drink that much purified water (8 to 10 oz. at a time) daily, you would be amazed at the results! (i.e., 200 lb person should try to drink 100 oz). The by products of chlorinated water are cancer causing, so get a purifier for your shower, or bath since we absorb about a pound or two of water when we bathe.

3) Air
You can go a month without food, a week without water, but only a few minutes without air.
The EPA says that we spend 90% of our time indoors. 64,000 die annually from the results of polluted indoor air, and breathing in particulate. We breathe 21,000 times per day, you have 100 Trillion cells, and every minute about 300 million cells are dying and being replaced. The dead cells flake off and float into the air. 80% of what you see in the air of your home or office when the sun shines, is dead skin. On that dead skin is a thing called a dust mite. Half of all illnesses are caused by polluted indoor air according to the American College of Allergist. this is the only time in history when it's safer to live outside than in your own home.
A lot of people suffer from Sick building Syndrome. Get out side as often as possible, breathe, in your nose (...and breathed into his nostrils, the breathe of life. Gen 2:7b), and out of your mouth, use your diaphragm when you breathe, just like a baby, your stomach should expand when you breathe, not your chest area!

4) Attitudes
It's your attitude, not your aptitude, that determines your altitude. Most people need a check up from the neck up! Someone said people are suffering from Stinkin, thinkin! Get rid of sustained anger, bitterness, grudges etc. The #1 killer they say is anger! Learn to forgive people, circumstances, and even your self! Bitterness does more harm to the vessel in which it is stored, than the victim on whom it's poured. When you hate, you hurt your self the most. Don't drink the poison of bitterness, and expect someone else to die! Also, Learn to cultivate the attitude of gratitude, just give thanks for all that you have!

5) Activities
Engage in aerobic exercises (Ecclesiastes 10:18 By much slothfulness, the building (body-health) decayeth, and thru idleness of the hands, the house droppeth through). Exercise helps us to take deep breaths, and sweating, allows the body to expel toxins. Prayer, (... Prayer, is good preventative medicine, as well as when in desperate need of healing. Why not walk, and pray, as well as take deep breaths all at the same time! Laughter, Norman cousins wrote a book "Laugh your way to Health - The Anatomy of an illness. The average baby laughs 5,500 per week, the average adult averages 50 or less times per week. Laughter is like a powerful drug, yet it is so inexpensive, use it often, or else! I use to tell my children, cheer up, you'll soon be dead, because you can't get out of this life alive anyway!
I have a question for you, If you didn't know how old you are, how old would you be?

When you're down to nothing, God is up to something!
Dr. Stanley Harris

P.S. Every master was once a mess, and every mess, can become a master!- Dr Stan

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