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Proactive Millionaires are Team-Made Millionaires by Randy Gilbert

Proactive Millionaires are Team-Made Millionaires
By Randy Dr. Proactive Gilbert

Have you ever heard someone say, Im a self-made millionaire.
Isnt there just something about that phrase that doesnt ring
true, no matter who says it?

I believe it cant be true, because from my experience, true
success in life is a team effort. Im a team-made millionaire
and proud of it. In fact, each of the wealthy people I know, who
are truly happy and successful, have built a team of people who
love what they do and are very good at it. Im good at only a
few things, but the world is full of people who are good at
everything else.

One thing that has helped me to achieve my mega-goals is
creating what I call proactive-teams.

PROACTIVE LESSON ** Create Proactive-Teams and Become a
Team-Made Millionaire **

Creating a proactive-team is a skill that can be learned, and
once learned, it can be used over and over again to achieve your
goals and bring you everything you want in life.

Creating a proactive-team is based on two solid principles.

The first principle is the Law of Attraction. When you are well
grounded in your purpose, and have clarity of the vision of what
you want most in life; the universe will come to your aid and
bring people into your life who know how to do specific things
really well. When you spend time each day getting clear on what
it is you desire, and then write your goals down or express them
in some tangible way, you will always find the people who will
help you to get what you want.

The second principle is the Law of Reciprocity. The universe
gives to the givers and takes from the takers. When you
give to the people who are on your proactive-team and provide
them with the things they greatly desire, like respect, hope,
fellowship, encouragement, direction, and love, you will become
the recipient of what you greatly desire (your goals being
achieved). Notice that what they desire are intangible and are
easily given when you know how to do it. Your giving actions
will build relationships and create devotion to you as a leader.


If you want to become a millionaire, you can do it more quickly
the proactive-team way.



If one of your goals is to become a millionaire and attain
financial freedom, then I recommend learning how to become a
team-made millionaire from my friend Loral Langemeier, author of
"The Millionaire Maker."

Loral has been coaching people how to become millionaires using
the team approach for several years and has had fantastic
success. Loral uses proven strategies based solidly on the
principles I shared above.

Here are the actions steps she recommends:

1. Find mentors who have achieved the goals you're working
toward and ask them to coach you along in the process. Nobody
can afford to make all of the mistakes and youll accelerate
your success by asking for help from experts who have gone
before you. Also take the time to read books from people who
generously share their knowledge.

2. Search for like-minded and supportive wealth builders and
visionaries and participate with them in a mastermind group.
We all need peers to help us be accountable and see things in
our blind spots.

3. Find out who are the top-rated people in your industry. From
task-specific legal counsel to accountants who specialize in
your type of business, find the best. Also look for people who
are non-traditional and on the leading-edge so you can be a step
ahead of your competition.

4. Recruit people for your team who are positive and who are
known to be team players. Its critical for everyone to connect
well and be supportive of each other. Be proactive from the
start and they will follow your lead as your team grows.

The reality is that in today's complex, fast-paced world, you
dont have the time to do everything yourself. You may be the
farthest-seeing visionary, most brilliant deal maker, toughest
negotiator, and finest closer, but you most likely arent also
the most inspired tax wizard, legal genius, or office manager.
So create a proactive-team to make up for your weak areas.

Follow these steps and you'll be able to create a proactive-team
that will help you achieve your goals, like becoming a
Team-Made Millionaire.

Proactively yours, Randy Gilbert

P.S. Loral Langemeiers book, "The Millionaire Maker," plus well
over $10,000 in wealth building bonus gifts, are available this
week at

Randy Dr. Proactive Gilbert is Host of the World-wide
Syndicated talk show, The Inside Success Show
( and mentor to Best-
Selling Authors such as Jack Canfield, Harvey Mackay,
and Rick Frishman (


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