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The Power of Consistency by Jeff Keller

The Power of Consistency

In this ever changing world of ours, the notion of consistency doesn't seem to have much of a place. In fact, the very concept of consistency can sound quite "boring." But don't let that fool you. Consistency will never be out of style, because it is such a crucial component of success. The dictionary defines consistent as "conforming to a regular pattern." Indeed, consistency is all about discipline -- locking in habits that will serve you and contribute toward your personal and professional growth.

Let's examine a few areas where consistency can take you to a higher level:

Consistency of attitude. How would you describe your attitude? Are you positive and upbeat 90% of the time? 60%? 40%? When you're consistently positive, you feel better and healthier. You achieve more. Others want to be around you and your positive energy.

For starters, realize that your attitude is under your control. Too many people are up when circumstances are going well and down when outside events aren't going their way. Building a positive attitude is a game of repetition. It's simply a matter of filling your mind with positive inputs on a daily basis. Before you know it, you'll develop the habit of thinking optimistically. People will know that when they speak to you, they'll be uplifted. And you'll find that more and more good things "miraculously" happen to you. You see, the person with a consistently positive outlook is a magnet for great things in life!

Consistency of honesty and integrity. This is one game where, in most cases, "one strike and you're out." There will always be opportunities when you can make a quick dollar by misrepresenting the truth. The short-term gain is not worth the long-term damage.

We all think we're honest. But we often stretch the truth or fail to tell the customer the "whole" truth because he or she didn't ask a particular question. When you consistently provide the information that you'd like to have, you'll gain the trust of those around you. And don't forget the principle that "like attracts like." The more honest you are, the more honest people you'll attract in your life. Wouldn't you rather develop business and personal relationships with people of high integrity? It all starts with you!

Consistency of energy and vitality. How do you feel day in and day out? Are you consistently full of energy or sluggish? When it comes to attracting satisfying personal relationships, as well as persuading people to buy our products and services, nothing succeeds like energy! How can you build your energy level? Healthy eating habits will contribute to your energy level, and regular exercise and movement are vital to your well?being. You need to get the blood flowing to reduce everyday tensions. However, one of the biggest energy boosts you'll get is when you're doing work and hobbies that you love. If you find purpose, meaning and excitement in your work (and/or your other activities), you're going to look younger, feel better and have lots more energy.

Consistency of service. For the purposes of this article, we're going to assume that you're offering a first?rate product. Are you also rendering consistently extraordinary service to your customers and clients?

The business climate is changing rapidly and we have to allow for some "growing pains" and uncertainty. However, when you let the service slip and customers become annoyed and leave, you are sending out into the world an army of people who will "bad mouth" your company and block business from coming to you. Virtually every company renders great service at the outset. Yet, once the "honeymoon" period is over, the service tends to slip. Don't let that happen! If you're not servicing clients consistently well, take a moment to figure out what you need to do to get back on track. Maybe you need to delegate or outsource some tasks. Maybe you need to add more staff. Do whatever you have to do so that clients are delighted with the service they receive from you.

If you'll look honestly at your own career and your personal life, you'll probably find that you have consistency in some of these areas, but not all of them simultaneously. Consistency doesn't mean you give up fun and spontaneity. There's still plenty of opportunity to express those traits while maintaining consistency in the areas we discussed.

You want to get to the point where someone would describe you as a person who is consistently positive, honest, full of energy, and who renders great service. When you're firing on all of these cylinders consistently, you'll have the foundation for a lifetime of personal and business success.

-- Jeff Keller Attitude is Everything, Inc.

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