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On Friday March 17, 2006 I sent this email... the response has been amazing!

From: Coach Zev -
Sent: Friday, March 17, 2006 7:44 AM
Subject: no empowering message this week, here's why...

As you may know empowering messages is my labor
of love. Its my hobby and passion to help people
succeed and be the best they can be. My main
source of income right now is working as an
integration engineer for a financial risk
management software company in New York City.
Besides my job I also have family obligations as
well. (I am married and a father to 4 kids; the
oldest just turned 6 years old.)

Last month a crisis occurred in my son's school
and I volunteered to help out the school as much
as I could. This has been keeping me extremely
busy for the past several weeks...

Please forgive me for not sending out empowering
messages at this time. Hopefully I will be able
to start sending it out again shortly.

Your devoted life coach,
Coach Zev

PS In the meantime listen to empowering seeds!


Dear Coach Zev,

In fact you did give an empowering
(and authentic "walk your talk") message today
- a BIG thank you

Your message just makes me admire you more... you have been so steadfast and
growing in this work, it is gratifying to hear a bit about you personally and
your mature choice to support your son's school, and thus your son

You remind me of the best side in us all.
What could be more empowering?

Kare Anderson


Dear Coach Zev,

Well, here's YOUR empowering message-from your devoted life fan

Perhaps as part of your "fan club" I might have sensed that you were
unable to be in touch with us as much as you have because I have been
empowering myself on my own with the downloaded your "empowering" download. I have been listening to them in my car on the way
to work, and in doing errands around town.

Thank you so much for doing the recordings, and I wish you as much
success and empowerment as you give to the rest of us!!!

Much love,

your devoted life fan


Dear Coach Zev,

I'm typing from Portugal (I hope you know where that is...)

I appreciate your concern for not being, in the last days, able to send the messages, anyway I want you to know that you're your work and effort is worthy, and in order to explain that to you I can tell the difference you are making in my life. Well let me tell you all.

I'm 25 years old, and I'm working at an office making approximately 500 dollars a month (it is Euros here in Portugal but it is almost the same value). I guess that might seem a ridiculous amount in the States but anyway It happens that I got married the last 23rd July 2005 and we're enjoying very much the experience. The thing is that my wife is a teacher and it is very difficult here in Portugal for teachers to find work, and for that reason she is working 4 hours at a health clinic as a secretary making 150 euros a month. As my work is underpaid, it means that our budget is 650 euros a month and we have to pay the rent which is 300 euros a month, plus all the extra expenses like food, clothing, etc.

Of course that we love each other very much and the money problem is not a barrier, but I was getting, a few weeks ago, unmotivated. I was getting home every day from work and sitting in the couch, watching TV and waiting for the rest of the day to come by. The turn point of all this was when for some reason I found your web site while I was "googling" (I have the Creating Power System Of Karim Hajee which I was not using - It is a great deal but I was procrastinating - J, and for that reason a started searching for more guys who do the same as he does).

So, by finding your web site and hearing all the empowering messages, I started to know about all the other individualities in the world that work and books in self-improvement and motivation (I actually had books from Dale Carnegie and Dr. Phil but I had never read them, or if I did, I never applied the things they teach).

So, I got passionate about this field. I now Know the work of people like Anthony Robbins, Dale Carnegie, Jim Rohn, Dr. Stan Harris, Zig Ziglar (the guy is amazing), Brian Tracy, Earl Nightingale, Ed Smith, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen, like many many others. (Downloading free mp3 stuff)

Of course that I don't have yet money to buy all of these books, and time to read them all, but I got started. I completely changed my life. I recently was weighting about 85 Kgs ( 186 pounds I guess) while measuring 1,70 mm (5,58 feet I guess). Can you imagine that? A little beat over weighted.

I'm now running every single day for the past 3 weeks, and I'm getting excited about life as well. I'm reading 1 book a week, and expecting to read 50 this year, and 500 the next 10 years, all in self-improvement matters. I did it by reducing the TV time. J Inspired by Dr. Stan Harris, that I met in your site, I'm starting my karate classes the next April, to learn self-control, discipline and self-esteem.

I also started to pay more attention to the good things I have been doing. I left school when I was 18, but I restarted 3 years ago. I just finished my High school in night studying and am preparing to do the exams in Jun, which will enable me to go law school here in the next October. And most of all I have a wonderful wife which is helping me grow every day a little bit more.

I set the goal of weighting 68 kgs (149 pounds) the next November (I planed it very carefully, and even had picture taken to my body by my wife), and with my daily efforts I got my wife enthusiastic and running with me every other day. I'm also helping other guys. I recently wrote an e-mail to some of my friends with problems and that are under motivated, based on all the things I had already learned with the books I red till now. (Maybe I will send it to you the next time if you're interested)

Of course life don't change overnight and it takes every day commitment, because there are things I have to change, like my work, and my income, but as you say, we shouldn't try to work on lots of goals at one time. And as I recently learned, we first have to be before we can actually do.

Well, I'm sorry if my e-mail was this long, but I found it curious, when I red your e-mail telling us things about your current personal life. By the way, I hope that things in your son's school are doing better. What is he's name?

By all means you're invited to come to Portugal, and stay a few days. (smile)

Excuse me for my English, I'm hope that is isn't too bad. (smile)

Mrcio Monteiro
Your devoted fan from Portugal


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