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How to Handle all problems 1-2-3 by Emmanuel Segui

How to Handle all problems "1-2-3" by Emmanuel Segui

(This Article is an excerpt from "Put the Power of Your Subconscious
Mind To Work in Solving Your Problems: How to Design and Live an
Extraordinary Life." By Emmanuel Segui)

Handle all problems "1-2-3" by Emmanuel Segui

Step 1.

Decide just what the problem is. Simplify it. Eliminate all the fuzzy
negative issues that may have become attached to it. Every problem has
one basic question, which is the core of it. Identify that core. As
soon as you go into action in arriving at this decision, you have put
a positive slant on the problem.

Failure to do this tends to let the question grow into unwieldy
proportions. When this happens, inferiority complexes are often born
of the distorted belief that there is no answer to a problem.

Step 2.

After you have simplified the problem, decide what the best answer is.
There is a best answer to every problem. Often there is a choice of
answers, but only one of them will be the best. Talk things over with
yourself, even starting out by saying "I could do this, or this, or
this." Assign those possible answers to your subconscious for help.
But be assured that concentration on the best answer will reveal it to

Step 3.

Once you have decided on the best answer, act on it! Remember what the
"contented" person said: "I've got lots of problems, but I take care
of them, and they take care of me." Obviously what he meant was that
he acted in response to the positive best answers. As a result, he
turned his problems into achievements instead of letting them defeat

Everyone's problems are his own responsibility

About that first example of the person burdened down with problems, you
will remember that I said he didn't need sympathy. That could sound as
if I didn't feel that this person is in trouble. Certainly he is in
trouble, but frankly it is trouble of his own making! Sympathy is not
going to help him get out of trouble. It could even tend to make him
oncentrate more on his problems.

What he needs is the cultivation of more faith in himself and the
adoption of that "1-2-3" formula.

This person himself is the key to whether problems are good or bad in
his life, just as it is with you and with everybody else. Again, what
is a problem? It's a question without an immediately apparent answer.
But between the words "question" and "answer" is the person himself,
and his action or lack of it.

Problems answered equal achievement

Don't make a guessing game out of life by living "poorly" with problems.
Make a discovery game of it by seeking the best answer to every problem.
Turn problems into achievements by acting on answers.

What does all this add up to? The same universal answer that applies to
all factors in a good life. This is the practice of self-influence. The
problems are yours, and the answers must be yours. The presence of the
first, and the lack of the second, results in a negative influence. But
the presence of both results in a positive influence. The conversion
depends upon self-influence, so you know that you can find the best
answers to problems by turning on this power of subconscious

And now you know that you can do it, "1-2-3."


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