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How to Get What You Want by Dr Joe Vitale

How to Get What You Want by Dr Joe Vitale from

My basic philosophy in life is

"Anything is possible."

I may not know how to achieve something, but I certainly know there is a way to achieve anything I can imagine. I just have to find, or sometimes create, that way.

"Anything is possible" is my current chantthe slogan that carries me through every day.

It's helped me achieve some impressive results, from bestselling books to an 80 pound weight loss.

Where did I get this idea?

Why am I so optimistic about life, anyway?

Glad you asked.

Truth is, I'm a student of Pelmanism.

Pelman what?


Most people are pessimists.

You know who they are.

If you won the lotto, and were suddenly so rich you were ready to shop for a castle to live in, they'd be the ones asking, "But what about the taxes?"

Well, I'm tired of pessimists.

Life is how you look at it. Look for the doom and gloom, and you'll find it. Plenty of people out there willing to tell you how bad the world is.

But look for the sunshine and gold, and you'll find that, too. It's just a matter of where you point your mental binoculars.

It all comes down to how you use your main muscle -- the one few people ever flex.

I'm talking about your brain.

Most people have no control over their brain.

To prove it, go ahead and stop your thoughts.

I'll wait while you quit thinking

(Really try to stop your thoughts...or even just the negative ones...the ones asking you why you're reading this...yea, those thoughts...go ahead... stop them.)

Couldn't do it, could you?

You're not alone. Few can. We simply haven't been trained to take our brains and make them do what we want. Instead, our brains chase us around all day.

Pat O'Bryan and I just breathed life into a long lost course that shows you how to make your main muscle work for you. It's called Pelmanism. It's described at -

Pelmanism Online

If you're ready to join the club of high achievers that Pat and I belong to, go see that site.

Won't cost you a nickel to go look.

And there's a pretty riveting introduction there by me on How to Find Your Super Powers.

You'll also learn all about the Pelmanism course.

And you won't find a pessimist anywhere on the page.

Pelmanism Online

See you there (unless you let your mind talk you out of it).

Go for it.

Dr. Joe Vitale
"Aude aliquid dignum"
President, Hypnotic Marketing Inc.
Author of way too many books to mention here,
including the #1 bestseller "The Attractor Factor"

Pelmanism Online

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