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What If you Could Learn the Secrets of the Skinny? by Marna Goldstein

You know the type... the ones who fearlessly order anything they please at a restaurant. Ask them their weight and they probably can't even tell you -- they don't know it. Question them about the number of calories in a chocolate chip cookie and you're left with a blank stare.

THEY are the men and women who don't know how much they weigh, or even think about food in relationship to their emotions. They are naturally thin people -- the enemy to anyone who's ever battled the bulge.

But please don't think badly of them. You too can be one of them, says Marna Goldstein, author of the new Guided Meditations that help people think thin. This weight loss specialist has spent the last nine years helping people transform their heavy bodies to lighter ones. Marna Goldstein, founder of Thin From Within and, has made it her mission to get women and men alike to stop dieting and start learning how to live Thin From Within.

The idea, according to Goldstein, is to learn the way naturally thin people think, feel and act in and around food. Goldstein continues, "I will teach you how to be free from dieting and restrictions forever," states the Colorado native.

Goldstein states that the regular use of guided meditations has been proven to help release stress and tension, provide you with the ability to focus clearly and make better decisions throughout your daily routine - decisions that are in alignment with your weight loss goals.

Spending just 10 minutes a day in a relaxed and completely stress-free state can help you experience more peace and less stress throughout the day as well as accelerating your weight loss efforts at the same time. Goldstein created five guided meditations to assist individuals with natural weight loss, and each one costs about as much as a single fast-food meal. A fun part is, that when you purchase one or all of the guided meditation recordings, you will receive a download link that allows you to listen wherever you are - using your iPod, computer, or MP3 player.

For more information about Thin From Within, or to schedule one-on-one coaching with Marna Goldstein, visit or email
About the Author

Marna Goldstein is a natural weight loss specialist, author, and speaker focused on teaching people how to lose weight without dieting, or restrictions.

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