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The Top 5 Mistakes People Make When Trying to Lose Weight by Marna Goldstein

The Top 5 Mistakes People Make When Trying to Lose Weight by Marna Goldstein

1. People go on diets. The absolute biggest mistake people make is that they go on diets. There is absolutely no benefit in trying diets, none. A lifestyle change, yes, but dieting puts us out of equilibrium and creates an unnatural way of living. What I see over and over again, is that people get excited about a specific diet, they dream that this diet will change their lives and after a week or two (perhaps they are able to be on a diet for as long as a month or twotheres no way I could ever do that) they realize that they can no longer maintain a lifestyle with all these new restrictions, so they stop the diet, only in search for a new better" diet. Usually weight gain is immediate after dieting because of water weight loss and the excitement to eat all of the restricted foods. Often, a great deal of overeating takes place. Whats worse is that peoples self-esteem severely suffers. Diets dont teach people to deal with the feelings of being hungry or the feelings of being full, they never address emotional eating for reasons other then hunger and diets lack flexibility.

2. People try doing it on their own. Every successful person I know has some sort of coach. I have a real estate coach and a business coach, both helping me to succeed in areas that I never dreamed possible. A good coach helps you create the life you want by offering support, honest feedback, and insight while holding you accountable to your best self. The area of weight is very personal to your specific needs. One shoe does not fit all, which is why a coach can help you attain your personal goals knowing your strengths, weaknesses, your specific stressors and all of your little idiosyncrises to get you to the place youve always dreamed of.

3. People give up quickly. People dream about having a body that is fit, lean and toned. We all dream about it. Those people with thin and toned bodies create a lifestyle that supports living a naturally thin and active life. Too many people try a program, and then stop after a week or two when they dont see results. If I set my sights to become a millionaire but after two weeks, I found that I want a millionaire yet would I give up? Of course not. Id keep focusing on my goal and take actions to support my becoming a millionaire. Changing your body is the same thing. It takes a commitment each and every day to love your body, to nurture your body and in my case to take actions that support me being a naturally thin person.

Wouldnt it be great if six months from now you were 5, 10, or 60 pounds lighter? Isnt that an exciting thought? Six months are going to come down the pike whether we like it or not, and wouldnt it be great to look back and feel proud of the daily work you did to create an unbelievable body and life?

4. People make up excuses. There are hundreds of thousands of excuses people make to not lose weight or take action. Some of what I hear includes: I dont have time, Im too busy, I forgot, I dont have enough time Okay, enough the excuses. I understand that we are all busy and it is difficult to fit everything in and Im very sensitive to that and I have no judgment. However, if you really want transform your body and your life you will think about your excuses in a whole new way. Are you using these excuses to keep you from really having the body you want? Are you scared to look and feel better than you could imagine? Is it scary how good you are looking? Self sabotage is part of the human experience, but the sooner we address whats really going on, the further your excuses will be from your consciousness and the easier it will be for you to continue creating an incredibly beautiful body.

5. People stop believing they can attain a thin body. I have said for years, that in order to change your weight you must first change your mind. It seems that some people think that only those lucky few can have a thin body. In my research of hundreds of naturally thin individuals, this is simply not true. Naturally thin people come in all forms, in all races, and in all body types. Some naturally thin people have parents who are obese, some have siblings that struggle with weight, have parents who have dieted their entire lives, while these naturally thin people have never dieted a day in their lives.

The world is at your fingertips, it really is. You can have or be anything that you set your mind to. Just believe you can; believe it day in and day out that you can have the body and the life that youve always wanted. See yourself having it now. What would you do, act, and say about yourself if you had the body youve been craving? What about starting to say the kind and loving words now? What about believing you can have the energy to play with your loved ones and keep going without getting too tired. What about ending the excuses. You can have this body and this life now!

For more information about Thin From Within, or to schedule one-on-one coaching with Marna Goldstein, visit or email

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