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The 7 Keys to Living Life Aligned With Passion by Janet Bray Attwood

(an e-excerpt from Janet Bray Attwood and
Chris Attwood's book The Passion Test

1. Commitment
Until you are committed, nothing will happen for you. There is nothing more
important to creating your passionate life than your unshakable commitment to
choosing in favor of your passions. Every day you will be asked to put other
things ahead of the things you love most. Keep your passions where you can see
them, and learn to say "no" lovingly.

2. Clarity
When you are clear, what you want will show up in your life, and only to the
extent you are clear. Have you heard that somewhere before? Fuzzy desires give
fuzzy results. use the tools in this book plus any others you find and enjoy
to get absolutely clear about what you choose to create in your life. Then
realize gaining clarity is not a one-time experience, it is an ongoing experience.

3. Attention
What you put your attention on grows stronger in your life. Pay attention
every day, every moment to what you are putting your attention on. You will
attract all the people, places and things you need to create those things to which
you give attention. As you shift your focus to all the good which is flowing
into your life, watch how your life is transformed.

4. Stay Open
Your greatest good may not be what you think it is. When you are open to
whatever is appearing now, even if it's different than the way you think it should
be, you release your individual will and open to God's will for you. This is
the path to living your highest purpose in life.

5. Integrity
Be as true to yourself as you are to others, and as true to others as you are
to yourself. The biggest challenge most of us face is to meet our
responsibilities to others while pursuing our passions at the same time. When you make
commitments to others, make sure those commitments are aligned with your passions.
Once you make commitments, keep them. If something comes up, talk to the other
person and ask their permission to renegotiate your commitment.

6. Persistence
Many begin the journey. Those who finish it are the ones who achieve success
and fulfillment in life. When you are living life truly aligned with your
passions, persistence is not hard. You will find you can't stop, even if you want
to. Your deepest passions will drive you, in spite of yourself.

7. Follow Your Heart
When all else fails, listen to your heart. Passion emerges from the heart, not
from the mind. When you feel confused, or lost, or don't know which direction
to head, then just start walking and pay attention to what your heart tells
you. Do what you love, follow your heart's direction and the path to fulfillment
in life will naturally unfold before you.

This e-excerpt is from The Passion Test
by Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood

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