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How To Develop Proactive Habits By Randy (Dr Proactive) Gilbert

Have you ever crossed an open field and looked behind to see your trail? If you do it once, you probably won't see a thing. But, what will you see if you've walked it 21 times?

Dan Robey, author of the bestseller "The Power of Positive Habits, says bad habits, like smoking, procrastinating, or over-eating seem to receive all the attention, but it's the good and positive habits that can bring us happiness and success beyond our wildest dreams.

Our habits can either make us or break us. Both can be formed in as little as 21 days. If we develop 'Proactive Habits', our new habits can be very powerful tools for personal growth and success.

I've expanded the metaphor above and adapted some of Dan Robey's Positive Habit wisdom into developing Proactive Habits, which are the most powerful and positive of all.

Tip 1 - Don't Procrastinate, Hike The Ball, Play To Win

Many football games are still played on real grass, and during some of the wet fall weather, the turf gets soggy. It's easy to observe which parts of the field have been used the most. However, what's more important than 'where' is 'how' the game is played in those muddy areas - THEY PLAY TO WIN!!!

You don't see any procrastination from a well-coached team. The Proactive Habit of "Do It Now" is formed in practice. At the moment the ball is hiked, each player takes the action for that play. The players that are quickest to "do it now," when the ball is hiked, usually have the advantage.

Whether at business, or at home raising happy children, take action today on what you know is right to do. Prioritize your day, pick the three most important intentions and get them done. Life is a lot more fun and meaningful when you play to win. And you will quickly notice that as you acquire this new Proactive Habit, life will actually get easier. Do it now, play to win.

Tip 2 - Enlist Others To Help You Improve

I recall looking down from my Academy classroom window and seeing the marks we had left on the drill field during practice earlier that morning. Where we had walked was a dark green against shimmering silver from the cold morning frost. The pattern created by a thousand cadets marching in perfect formation was almost elegant.

Were we always that good? No way! When we began we were all over the place. We learned to avoid the drillmaster's cutting remarks by critiquing each other in a helpful way. More important than the habit of marching in a straight line, we learned the habit of counting on each other to keep our ranks straight.

When you do things that are important toward meeting your goals, you can optimize them by getting the help of others. The Proactive Habit of "Seek The Help and Cooperation of Others" can be developed by purposefully communicating in the right way. Ask for feedback and then patiently listen when it's given. An optimized and 'elegant life' is a lot more fun and rewarding.

Tip 3 - Develop Proactive Habits Where They Are Needed Most

Our youngest just graduated from Hollins University. While she was there, they built a new library building. Where do you suppose they put the sidewalks to that new building? Unlike some campuses I've been on, their wise planners put the walks where they were needed most.

One of the most important Proactive Habits you'll ever pick up is "Lifelong Learning." Like planning for a new sidewalk, you want to develop this habit where it is needed most. Unlike a traditional grade school system, that ignores the interests of our children and reaps boredom and discipline problems, you should focus all of your learning in your interest area.

From our home-schooling experience, my wife and I know that every subject can be taught in a person's interest area. It takes creativity and planning, yet the rewards of enthusiasm and self-motivation (your own especially) will be worth every bit of effort. Your desire for learning new things will increase as you develop this Proactive Habit

In summary, take control of your life by choosing and developing Proactive Habits like the ones mentioned above. Like walking across a field, it will take about 21 days for your new positive patterns to become natural. Keep a journal and daily take a few moments to note your progress and reward yourself. What Dan Robey says is true; your positive "proactive" habits will bring you happiness and success beyond your wildest dreams.
Randy Gilbert, a.k.a. ‘Dr. Proactive, the Master Life Builder’
Author of "SUCCESS BOUND" -
Host of “The Inside Success Show”
Creator of Life Builder Teleseminars -
Copyright © 2001-2004 Randy Gilbert. All rights reserved.
Feel free to pass this article in its entirety to anyone you wish.

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