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Getting Unstuck: Are You Willing To Pay The Price? by Carol Solomon PhD

Getting Unstuck: Are You Willing To Pay The Price?

Carol Solomon, Ph.D.

When it comes to we.ight loss, many people feel stuck. One
definition of being stuck is this:

"Being stuck is when you can only see one possibility, and
you don't like what you see."

One thing coaches help clients do is generate more
possibilities . . . and more options.

When you have more possibilities, then you have a

And when you have a choice, then you have FREEDOM.


So consider that there is always a price to pay for getting

The price might be changing your eating habits. That might
mean eating less, or eating your favorite foods less often.

The price might be starting an exercise plan and sticking to

It might be paying the cost of hiring a personal trainer, a
personal coach, or a gym membership.

Or it might be investing time in learning ways to soothe
yourself without using food.

It might mean changing the belief system that is supporting
your current behavior ("Everyone in my family gets heavier
as they get older. I'm going to too.")

Or changing your values to make health and weight loss a
higher priority in your life. Change typically doesn't happen
until it becomes your highest priority.

You may worry that the price is too high . . . that you would
need to give up too much.

But, there is a price to pay for staying stuck as well.

And you probably have been paying this price for far too

That price might be low self-image, low self-confidence,
and poor body image.

It might be constant emotional turmoil, or listening to
relentless negative, critical self-talk day in and day out.

It may be putting your life on hold and NOT going after
what you want until you lose we'ight.

It might be the physical discomfort of wearing clothes that
don't fit, combined with the mental anguish every time you
look in the mirror.

Or it might be some other cost, but in EVERY case, there
is a price.


To coach yourself in getting unstuck, follow these steps:

1. Recognize that there is a price to pay whether you
change your behavior or keep things the same.

2. Recognize that there IS a way to make the change
(once the price is paid, then you have made the change).
In most cases, there are MANY ways to make the change.

3. Identify the price for keeping things the same AND the
price for making the change.

Ask yourself what it is costing you to keep things the same,
and what it would cost you to make the change. What
would you need to give up?

4. Decide if you want to make the change. If the price
seems too big, think about it some more. Use your
optimism and flexibility of thinking to come up with ways to
make the change that are easier and more doable. Think
about how you might ease into it without struggle.

If you LOOK for these, and EXPECT to find them, your
mind has a way of creating them.

5. In most cases, the price to be paid involves changing
your beliefs. For instance, if you believe "this is going to be
hard," it will be.

6. Keep in mind both sides of the equation. It may SEEM
easier to keep things the same, but when you think of what
it is actually costing you, and HOW LONG you have been
paying that price, things may look different.

And the sooner you start, the lower the cost will be.

With love,

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