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Who is Sandy Schussel?

Sandy Schussel Sandy was an unhappy attorney whose life almost ended at 41. Now, he helps people who feel stuck, frustrated and burnt out find and capture their dreams. As a sales, career and small business coach, Sandy has helped hundreds of people figure out what they really want in their lives, develop a plan to go get it, and take action on that plan.

After practicing law for more than fifteen years, Sandy learned that even when youre already successful by most peoples standards, when youre unhappy and and unfulfilled, your life can be miserable. (Sandy's bio continued below)

The Power of Taking Action
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While he knows that even happy people get sick, Sandy is convinced that one day he looked down the road and all he saw was 60-hour weeks of adventureless, passionless, joyless and unfulfilling workwith no escapeand his body just quit on him. He battled colon cancer and complications for more than a year, but even after winning the battle, he couldnt bring himself to make the changes in his life he knew he needed to make.

Then Sandy discovered the Power of Taking Action. He began studying what makes people successful and happy and taking small, terrifying steps to change his life. One small step led to another and then another. Soon, he was coaching small business owners and doing seminars and workshops for larger companies on servicing clients and motivating team members.

He was invited to become an adjunct instructor of entrepreneurship at New York University's Marketing and Management Institute. His "from the heart" approach to his seminar sales landed him a position as the national sales trainer for a financial services company, and his coaching practice began to grow.

The unhappy, bed-ridden lawyer grew into a happy, successful coach, teacher and seminar leader. At some point, Sandy realized that he could teach more people the ten-step program that changed his life if he set out what he had learned in a book , and The High Diving Board was born.


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