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Who is Andy O'Bryan?

Andy O'Bryan Andy O'Bryan is founder and president of Principal Visions LLC, an employee motivation and consulting firm based in Utica, New York. As Regional Marketing Manager for Time Warner Cable from 1991-2003, he has created, implemented and tracked scores of highly successful incentive and motivational programs for customer service and technical employees within the company, which led to dramatic improvements in office and field sales, resulting in marked increases in revenue, morale and overall employee satisfaction. (Andy's bio continued below)

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Andy now consults with companies on employee motivation and morale, and conducts consultations and speaking engagements across the United States. Andy most recently conducted a seminar on incentive controversies at The Incentive Show in New York City in May 2004.

Most recently, Andy has embarked on an amazing journey with business partner and mentor, Josh Hinds. Their new project, launched in April of this year, is, an Internet membership web site devoted to personal and professional growth by way of exclusive, in-depth interviews with the greatest success minds of our generation. These interviews, all conducted by Andy via telephone, have revealed tips, advice and secrets of success previously unavailable anywhere. As of this writing, AudioMotivation has 57 such interviews in the member area and adds 3 new interviews each week.

Andy is the author of The Incentive Toolkit, an ebook that outlines effective incentive programs across a wide range of business environments. He has also developed software to assist consumers with rating, budgeting and tracking various online purchases and downloads. Andy holds a Bachelor's Degree in Communications from the State University of New York College at New Paltz.

Andy has been a powerful voice for the consumer, having written ezine articles that focus on various customer service issues, targeted to managers but from the customer's perspective. He has also developed software to assist consumers with rating, budgeting and tracking various online purchases and downloads.

Andy can be reached at:


or via e-mail at:

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