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Who is Anne Gillis?

Anne GillisAnne Sermons Gillis, the Ambassador of Joy, helps develop the essential qualities of who we are. Her EZosophy principles allow us to use these qualities in the workplace, relationships, and in the daily maintenance tasks of life. She is the foremost teacher on ease. EZosophy, the Art of Easy or At Least Easier Living, reconnects us to a simple aspect of the human spirit.

The Power of Ease
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Ease is a non-efforting approach to living. Ease is not indolence. Ease involves accomplishment without struggle, living in the flow of life. Until we assimilate the ease of our being, we create struggle in all areas of our lives. The workplace and relationships offer fertile soil for ego driven struggle (EDS). We remain at the effect of the inner struggle and suffering unless we uproot the underlying beliefs and motivations. The belief that Life is Hard is a cultural operating system that keeps us mired in drama and difficulty. It is true that life is hard some of the time, but it is not true that everything in life is hard. The ego would have us believe the contrary. The ego believes in unilateral suffering. Life itself is a disaster and we are doomed to eke out a living while struggling to solve our problems. Problems never cease. Play time never comes. Recess is always over. When the ego sets in, we forget our dreams and visions.

EZosophy is the antidote for suffering and struggle. There is a way outthe way does not involve running from pain; rather the way is through the depths of our souls to the ease and harmony of life. Theres no business like flow business.

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