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Who is Bob Scheinfeld?

Bob Scheinfeld For more than 20 years, Bob Scheinfeld has been helping marketers and other entrepreneurs create extraordinary results, in less time, with less effort, and much more fun. His passion is helping others carve out and live what he calls their "Ultimate Lifestyle."

Bob captivates audiences through his unique and memorable personal stories of entrepreneurial success, teaching them the lessons from his own rich life. (Bob's Bio continued below)

The Power of The Invisible CEO Within You!
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Click here to buy Bob's best-selling book: The 11th Element: The Key to Unlocking Your Master Blueprint for Wealth and Success

Bob is the grandson of Aaron Scheinfeld, who founded Manpower Inc., the world's largest temporary help service. Manpower is currently #176 on the Fortune 500 list with sales of $11 billion a year.

When Bob was just 12, Aaron began teaching him his little known wealth building secretsbut passed away before he could finish explaining the complete system. Bob spent the next two decades applying what he learned, and scrambling to gather up the missing pieces of how his Grandfather amassed his wealth.

Along the way Bob became a millionaire (and self-proclaimed stressed-out maniac), plunged more than $150,000 in debt, and spent seven years struggling before discovering the missing pieces, re-building his business empire, becoming a multi-millionaire, and beginning to live what he calls "The Ultimate Lifestyle."

His journey of triumph over confusion, anger, and desperation qualifies him as an undisputed expert in the arena of business success and personal fulfillment.

Bob is an 11-year veteran of applying cutting edge sales and marketing strategies and has had in-the-trenches experience of creating profitable million dollar businesses (on and off the Internet).

Most recently, Bob helped grow Blue Ocean Software from $1 million to $44 million in less than four years, resulting in the company being named three times to the Inc. Magazine Inc. 500 list. That tremendous growth, accompanied by outrageous profitability, led to Blue Ocean being acquired by software giant Intuit for $177 million.

He also played a key role in growing a computer store franchise company called Connecting Point of America from $90 million to $350 million in sales. In addition, the marketing model and system Bob created has been used to pack the room at Tony Robbins multi-media seminars.

Bobs keynote speeches, seminars, books, audios, and other learning resources have helped tens of thousands of people in more than 110 countries transform their definitions of success, and the pathways they follow to create success in their lives. Here are a few of their success stories.

More than providing another "rah-rah" motivational "pump up job" that doesn't last, an interaction with Bob empowers you to see with unusual clarity, act with newfound confidence, and optimize the results you produce in your life and work.

He'll get you on-track, laser-focused, and tapping into a new kind of power to produce the total success you've been searching for.

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