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Who is Brian Biro?

Brian Biro Brian Biro is a professional speaker, seminar leader, transformational leadership coach and above all, a team-builder, deeply inspired by an irrepressible belief in people. "Each of us has special qualities and capabilities that we have yet to fully apply" says Brian.

Brian serves as a dynamic catalyst unleashing this hidden potential as he helps build new energy and confidence in everyone he touches. In the new millenium, effectiveness and consistently bringing out the very best in others is the ultimate secret to successful leadership. We move beyond success when we connect individual contributions into unselfish and synergistic teams. (Brian's bio continued below)

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Click here to buy Brian's Book: Beyond Success: The 15 Secrets to Effective Leadership and Life Based on Legendary Coach John Wooden's Pyramid of Success

For the past two decades. Brian Biro has concentrated his complete professional energy on helping individuals discover their true potential and to merge these abilities into extraordinary team synergy. Biro began his career as a team-builder immediately upon graduation from Stanford University in 1976. For the next eight years Brian served as a United States Swimming Coach building his team of fifteen young swimmers into one of the largest private swim teams in the United States.

After bringing his swim teams to a position of national prominence, Brian Biro expanded his passion for coaching and teambuilding into the corporate arena. After earning his MBA from UCLA and receiving the Dean's Award for Outstanding Service. Brian was recruited into the transportation industry. In two years with Lynden Air Freight, he was promoted to Vice President of Performance Planning. Using the principles and strategies that are now such a vital part of his work, Brian Biro helped engineer a dramatic turnaround at Lynden's that resulted in the company tripling its size in only three years. More importantly, the company earned national acclaim as a leader in customer service and convenience as its sales and profits increased sharply.

Brian Biro's commitment to share this winning formula on a broader scale spurred him to create CLASS through which he has presented powerful seminars throughout North America to such organizations as Ford Motor Companies, Jackson National Life Insurance, Cell Tech, Pizza Hut, Lockhead Martin, Southwestern Bell, AT&T, RE/MAX, J. D. Edwards, GTE and many others. His presentations consistently meet with the highest acclaim because of their dynamic energy, surprise, and genuine emotion.

Professional speaker Brian Biro is a four-time winner of INC magazine's People's Choice Top Speaker when speaking at their International Conferences. Brian has appeared on Good Morning America, CNN's Business Unusual, and the Fox News Network and as a featured speaker at the Disney Institute in Orlando, Florida.

Brian Biro is also the author of several highly acclaimed books:

  • Beyond Success: The 15 Secrets of Effective Leadership and Life Based on Legendary John Woodens Pyramid of Success
  • Through the Eyes of a Coach: The new vision for Parenting, Leading, Loving and Living.
  • The Joyful Spirit: How to become the happiest person you know.
  • The Unstoppable Spirit: Life Change System

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