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Who is Fran Harris?

Fran HarrisFran Harris wrote her first play at age six. Was speaking in church by seven. Started her first business by nine. Wrote her first book in junior high school. Was selected through a gifted students exchange program to travel to Mexico at 16. And published her first book before she was 20. An Olympic team alternate, she didnt start playing basketball until she was a sophomore in high school. And after taking off seven years she beat out more than 200 women to land a spot on the Houston Comets' first WNBA championship team.

The Power of Enthusiasm
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She has taken her experiences as a spiritual leader, Fortune 100 sales coach and executive with Procter & Gamble, former ESPN & Lifetime Television sports announcer, author and elite athlete, and helped people transform their personal and professional lives. A lively presenter, Fran mesmerizes audiences with her energy, humor and personal stories utilizing the full spectrum of her experiences as platforms to teach lessons that will enhance lives.

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