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Who is Greg Reid?

Greg Reid Well known for his kinetic energy level and contagious enthusiasm for life, Greg S. Reid is CEO and founder of Work$mart, Inc., an innovative advertising and promotional products company based in San Diego, CA.

Greg has more than 20 years experience in sales and marketing, and used many of the real life lessons he learned as the basis for his book projects. (Greg's bio continued below)

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Click here to buy Greg's Book: The Millionaire Mentor: A Simple Way to Get Ahead in Your Work and in Life

Devoted to giving back to the community, Greg has received many awards for his civic activities, and routinely mentors youths in the San Diego area on positive thinking and achieving dreams. He is also an in-demand, national public speaker, and his motivational talks to corporations, universities and charitable organizations are considered one-of-a-kind events.

Reid, a perpetual whirlwind of motivation and fireball of positive thinking, never met a challenge he didnt like, and decided it was time for a new breed of motivational book; one which didnt preach as much as empower, and which demonstrated success rather than describe it.

Reid based the anecdotes and characters in The Millionaire Mentor on the real people who shaped his own life. He sees the book as a means of sharing the tools, traits and tips he learned from others on his road to financial and personal success. The Millionaire Mentor is a virtual roadmap for those striving to find their purpose, adds Reid. It holds the answers for anyone who has ever asked How can I get more out of life?

Endorsed by business leaders throughout the country, The Millionaire Mentor breaks new ground in the crowded self-help, inspirational book market. Unique in both style and format, it is written as a parable depicting encounters between a successful entrepreneur and his prodigy. Through question and answer and illustrative anecdotes, the entrepreneur reveals secrets of both business and personal success.

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