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Who is Heather Lynn Jergens?

Heather Jergens"Are you worn down and worn out? Do you need time for yourself? When you get time for yourself are you too scattered to do anything with that time? Are you ready to start accomplishing goals and stop spinning your wheels?" Then you need to meet Heather Lynn Jergens, The Superwoman's Coach. (See Below)

The Power of Your Cape
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Click here to visit Heather's website:
Click here to visit Heather's website:

As a former superwoman who tried to be all and do all, she understands that women can easily lose their balance and their power by flying around saving the world. It's as if women race to save others with a cape trailing behind them, superpowers intact. Heather's work focuses on helping women put the "woman" before the "wonder". Co-author of the #1 best selling Finding Personal Freedom, Heather's calling card is her energy and impact on womens' quality of life. She is the creator/CEO of Tattered Cape, where Heather guides women toward taking inventory of their capes and finding the balance and power to help them achieve more. Heather helps women conquer the chaos, madness, and confusion that swirls under most of us and replace it with a balanced center. The result is a focused, energized, happy, and effective woman whose cape, rather than serving as a noose, serves as a tool to help her achieve her unique goals.

Heather is the Senior Life Coach Advisor for the leading life coach training institute in the United States, working within the inner circle of two of the nation's top life and spirit coaches. Heather's ability to impact women and their quality of life are profound. Heather's programs for Cape Empowerment and Activation were developed through more than 7 years of research and teachings. She designs her programs to complement a woman's quest for self-awareness /self-enrichment, quenching the thirst of spirit, heart, and mind. Heather's motto - Balance Is Power. In her forthcoming book, due out Oct 2005, she addresses the how to's of being a Woman of Wonder (WOW). Join Heather to find balance and power in your own life beneath your cape.

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