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Who is Jeanie Marshall?

Jeanie Marshall Jeanie Marshall, Empowerment Consultant and Coach with Marshall House, has found her power from within herself and helps others to find their power from within themselves. Being empowered is an inside job. She is the consultant's consultant, the coach's coach, and her clients' most ardent supporter.

Jeanie has an M.S in Organization Development from The American University in Washington, D.C. She has been actively involved in the human potential movement and organizational development for more than twenty years. She is an empowerment consultant, mentor, coach, facilitator, organizational development consultant, personal development consultant, and a writer.

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Click here to buy Jeanie's Book: Energetic Meetings: Enhancing Personal & Group Energy & Handling Difficult Behavior
Click here to buy Jeanie's Book: Affirmations: A Pathway to Transformation : Empowered Development by the Day, by the Month, by the Year

Jeanie offers private consultations throughout the world, appears as a guest on television and radio shows, and has produced more than fifty guided visualization meditations on audio cassette tapes. For six years, she produced and hosted a local television show, "Return to Center."

With a unique ability to work with energy, Jeanie assists her clients to experience greater clarity, vitality, and satisfaction. Her clients come from all walks of life, especially managers and internal consultants in corporations. Please visit her web site to read more than 40 of her articles. In addition, she has published a transformational process which is available free by Internet access (called WebAffirm) or via email subscription (called DailyAffirm). If you feel drawn to work more deeply with her, please call her at (310) 392-1987 to explore the benefits of one-on-one private consultation sessions by telephone or audio tape.

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