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Who is Leslie Householder?

Leslie HouseholderWhat does Leslie do? She teaches people how to think. Why? Because all of our circumstances are an outgrowth of the way we think.

Her first opportunity to speak was a terrifying five-minute experience when she was only 11 years old, in Jakarta, Indonesia. With a dream in her heart to become a motivational speaker, she worked through her fear and overcame. When she was 16, she spoke at a conference for an audience of approximately 1000 people, and actually enjoyed it! At age 18 she was asked to speak at Brigham Young University's Academy for Girls. (Leslie's Bio Continued Below)

The Power of Writing Down Your Goals
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However, after she married and started a family, Leslies main focus went into survival mode how to live and pay bills and not go into debt! Out of desperation, she and her husband became seminar junkies. Searching for the missing piece to their lifes puzzle. How could they be trying to live so right, and yet be living in such financial lack? After 7 years of searching and learning (and going into debt to the tune of about $40,000 not because of extravagant living, but because of investing in so many success programs and seminars and tapes), they finally found what they were looking for. They discovered what they had been doing wrong all that time, and it was all about how they thought. They had always known how they should think, but without understanding what is actually happening as we think in certain ways, they had not previously been able to maintain the proper thoughts.

Within three months they had quadrupled their monthly income and moved to a better home. Since then, they have moved into the home of their dreams, and eliminated all of that credit card debt and all of their auto loans.

Leslie still dreams of being a world-renowned motivational speaker, changing as many lives for the better as possible; but first and foremost, Leslie is a wife and mother of 6 young children. There is a time and a season for everything, and now is her season for raising a family. In the meantime, and with a family so young and with her first priority remaining with her family, her opportunities to teach are limited. But she has also discovered that when the student is ready, the teacher appears; and the exchange is all that it needs to be.

To be able to teach what she has learned AND change diapers at the same time, she created and has written the Ecourse Heavenly Help with Money Matters. She has also just completed The Jackrabbit Factor, a powerful modern-day fable that is scheduled for publication and release in March 2005.

Since discovering the key, she has managed to conduct live seminars in Southern California, Arizona, and Georgia. She has also held teleclasses servicing audiences from all across the globe including South East Asia and Europe. She was a guest instructor at the 3rd annual Women's Conference in 2002 and just returned for their 5th annual conference in October 2004. She was also a guest speaker at an Institute of Religion in Southern California. Her Thoughtsalive Newsletter subscribers come from every corner of the planet, and her articles have been circulated through numerous ezines and websites reaching thousands of readers since 2002, and growing.

Leslie received a bachelor's degree from Brigham Young University in Mathematics Education. She loves the principles she teaches because she has discovered that they are as precise and dependable as the sciences. She teaches that as we learn the laws, our faith can develop into a sure knowledge as we each see them work for ourselves. We can meet our obligations. We can pay our debts. We can live an abundant life, rich with all that money can buy, and overflowing with all that money cannot buy. In short, we can prosper, as we live by the laws that govern all of God's creation.

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