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Who is Lisa Jimenez?

Lisa Jimenez M.Ed. Lisa Jimenez has helped thousands of top salespeople shatter their self-limiting beliefs and finally get the breakthrough success they want. When it comes to personal productivity and creating unstoppable momentum - there is no one better for your salespeople than Lisa.

Her fast paced, powerful programs come directly from her real-life experience of building a successful direct sales business of her own. Because of this experience, your people will identify with Lisa's personal stories and get the message.

The Power of Conquering Your Fear
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Click here to visit Lisa's website: Business building success resources by Lisa Jimenez

They will laugh out loud when Lisa reveals the hidden messages that are in most common fears of all sales people. They will be empowered, through humor, to identify these fears in their own behavior and discard them forever.

Lisa penetrates the hearts of your audience when she reveals her own experience of how she broke through self-limiting beliefs and turned them into the driving force behind her success; then used these new beliefs to sign a six-figure consulting contract just 9 months later. From her doctoral work in leadership at Florida Atlantic University, to her matchless experience building a business herself, to her home life as a wife and mother of three children - Lisa gives your people a fun, powerful message of life and work success. They will regain their drive, childlike courage, risk-taking ability, and get "on fire" for what they have to offer in creating personal and career success.

Lisa is the author of several albums, books and coaching programs, covering personal and professional development. Her newest book, Conquer Fear! Ending Procrastination and Self-Sabotage to Achieve What You Really Want, is the handbook for creating success. Its unique blend of psychology and theology offers a powerful combination that will change your beliefs, and thus your results.

If you are ready to shatter self-limiting beliefs and conquer you fear forever If you are ready to be encouraged and challenged to reach new levels of success then you need to bring in Lisa Jimenez for your next rally or convention. Call today at 1-800-489-7391 or (954) 755-3670 to book Lisa, or email

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