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Who is Lynne Healy?

Lynne HealyLynne Healy lives in West London, England with her husband, Paul and two wonderful teenage sons, Tom and George. She is an evolutionary coach and trainer and a powerhouse of energy who looks for the highest potential in everything. She is passionate about helping people step into their personal leadership and so bring the fullest most powerful expression of who they are to all they do. Her huge energy and sense of humor are irresistible and she brings lightness and fun to everything she does.
For Lynne life is a vibrant and exciting collaborative, creational dance. She loves variety and is continually creating exciting new ways to work with the amazing people she meets…wherever they are in the world.

The Power of Being Easy
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Click here to buy Lynne's Book: New Easy Women

Deb Busser Deb Busser is an evolutionary trainer, coach and speaker with over 15 years of corporate leadership experience. Deb is passionate about working with people in transition, and is inspired by the potential in everything, everywhere, always. She loves working with women and leaders all over the globe, and collaborating on projects to evolve leadership with passion and authenticity. She recently stepped into her next level of personal leadership by realizing her life long dream of singing on stage with a band for a REDBOOK magazine article. Deb is her very own magical and sparkling creation, and she is looking forward to see what she will be up to next.

Deb lives in Dunstable, Massachusetts, US and is honored to be the mother of her amazing daughters, Alexa and Julia, and the partner of husband Rob.

Deb and Lynne began their collaboration in 2005 after recognizing that although they are powerful women individually - together they create magic! Being separated by the Atlantic Ocean has not been an issue in moving their work forward. In fact, creating opportunities to work together has proved very easy. They are incredibly inspired by the New Easy Women they have had the privilege of working with, and are looking forward to watching the energy of this movement and community circle the globe!

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