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Who is Martin Lass?

Martin LassMARTIN LASS is a professional musician (violinist and composer) and entertainer on the one side and a professional practicing astrologer, healer and author on the other side. His quest, spanning most of his life, has been to find love and healing and to bring this to as many people as possible in various forms, whether through music, writing, personal consultations or seminars.

As a musician and entertainer, MARTIN LASS has reached the pinnacle of success in Australia and has since relocated to the United States (New York) to further this success.

The Power of Unconditional Love
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In Australia, he is well known, having appeared in every corner of Australia, on virtually every live television show and has 10 CD recordings to his name, including one Gold Album. As a composer, he has been writing original music since the age of twelve and is now actively playing and promoting this new music in the United States.

As an astrologer, MARTIN LASS has studied astrology since the age of twelve and has been a professional practicing and consulting astrologer since the late 1980s. He is well-known in the area of spiritual astrology in Australia. His specialty for the last 13 years has been Chiron, Planet of Healing.

As an astrological/new-age writer and author, MARTIN LASS has been a regular feature-article writer for Well Being, The Golden Age, and Woman Spirit trade journals in Australasia, as well as having written one-off features articles for various other journals. He has written a number of books, many self-published in the USA, including his three-volume series, Musings of a Rogue Comet - Chiron, Planet of Healing. Most recently, Llewellyn Publications has released Martins astrology book, Chiron Healing Body and Soul (2005).

As a healer, MARTIN LASS has been a consulting astrologer for many years, giving personal astrological counseling and healing to innumerable clients. He has conducted many New-Age style seminars in Australia, New Zealand as well as in Germany and has given numerous lectures on the subjects encapsulated in his latest series of books. He recently presented a number of workshops at the national AFA (American Federation of Astrologers) convention in Scottsdale, AZ.

As a metaphysician (student of the Mysteries), MARTIN LASS has studied far and wide. Self-taught from the age of twelve in such diverse areas as astrology, mysticism, comparative religions, music, physics, sacred numbers, mythology, spiritualism, the occult, etcetera, Martin was a member of a Gurdjieff School (Newport, Australia) for 10 years, his Teacher being a direct student of G. I. Gurdjieff himself. Later, he became a Counselor of Wisdom in the Concourse School of Philosophy and Healing (Houston), becoming a certified practitioner of the Demartini Method (as laid out and explored in Love is Everything - Healing Your Life with Unconditional Love.)

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