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Who is Meryl Getline?

Meryl Getline For years young women with mile-high dreams and eyes turned skyward have flown planes in a professional capacity: as stewardesses. But one woman wasnt content to merely ride the plane; she wanted to fly it, too!

When Meryl Getline decided, at the age of twenty, that she was going to be an airline pilot, she didnt know there was no such thing as women airline pilots. So how did this young woman, prone to airsickness, get to be a captain for a major airline? Not easily! But difficult challenges always makes for the best reading, and thats just the case here.

The Power of Determination and Perseverance
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Click here to visit Meryl's website:
Click here to buy Meryl's Book: The World At My Feet: The True And Sometimes Hilarious Adventures Of A Lady Airline Captain

Meryl Getlines new memoir, The World At My Feet: The True (and Sometimes Hilarious) Adventures of a Lady Airline Captain shares the unlikely account of this young womans adventures from the time she was eleven years old and just had to fly, through her travels to Austria, Israel, France, Russia, Iran, Mexico and Alaska. What would she do when she discovered the Russian Red Army train she was on was terminating in East Berlin at three in the morning, with no transportation available over the border to West Berlin?

Read how the US Army had no idea what it was in for when she enlisted, how a careless camel caused raised eyebrows at an important military inspection, and why she was wearing green tennis shoes when everyone around her was clad in spit-shined combat boots.

With The World At My Feet, readers will thrill to learn how Meryl improvised when she was stranded in Dallas, Texas, with four lady army buddies, and had to get all of them, including herself, back for morning formation on base in Alabama. Read how she once wound up outside the airplane she was flying solo, hanging onto a wing 10,000 above the white-capped, freezing waters of the Gulf of Alaska! Laugh along with the guys on the Goodyear Blimp when they play a most embarrassing joke on herand much, much more!

Growing up in San Diego, California, author Meryl Getline overcame airsickness to go on to become the first female to ever get a DC-10 Type (Captain) Rating before being hired as a pilot for a major airline in 1985. She is still an active captain for a major airline today.

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