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Who is Michael Smith?

Michael SmithMichael Smith is a 45-year-old part-time writer and full-time manager in the telecommunications industry. Michael often wonders how he ended up where he is today. Over the years he has moved more times than he wants to remember. It was a journey that took him from his native Nova Scotia in Canada to within a few miles of the Big Apple.

Michael loves to write humor, but believes his true calling is writing from the heart. He believes it is important to share a smile, a wave, a kind word, and a tear. Michael is not a professional in things that touch the heart; he just writes about things that touch him and uses it to reach out to touch another heart.

The Power of Being a Clown
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A turning point for Michael was when his first wife passed away in October of 2003. The loneliness, pain, and uncertainty were hurdles he never thought he would overcome.

In an online support group for young widows and widowers Michael learned that he was healing himself by offering support to those new to the label of Widow or Widower. Michael learned helping was healing. His writing, which had long ago been put aside, was rescued, and he now writes from his life experiences to spread a little cheer and happiness in the world.

Michael met his new wife in his support group. Within seven months she moved from North Carolina to New Jersey to spend her life with him. It is a wonderful story of loss and love again. Michael has two great teenage children. His daughter Vanessa attending college in Ohio, and Michael lives in New Jersey with his wife Ginny and his son Justin.

Ginny, Michaels wife, has two grown children of her own and four beautiful grandsons. Michael became an instant grandpa and is proud of his new family.

His life experiences have given him special heart that shows in his writing. He stories have appeared in The Halifax Daily News, The Ottawa Citizen, The Canyon News in Texas, The Jersey Journal, The Family Times, and in various online publications. Michael is composing a collection of his heart felt and inspirational stories to share with the world.

Keep on Waving

Michael T. Smith
2425B 6TH Street
Fort Lee, New Jersey, 07024
Cell: 201-835-3478

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