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Who is Patrick Mathieu?

Patrick MathieuPatrick was born with Congenital Heart Disease, which means that his heart formed incorrectly. On paper, the doctors classify it as "complex cardiac anatomy" and the detailed medical description continues for four paragraphs.

If you had met Patrick when he was a child, you never would have known that there was anything different about him. Other than having no tolerance for endurance running, he was just like all of the other kids. No surgeries. No medications. No complications.

The Power of Mortality
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Click here to buy Patrick's Book: What's YOUR Expiry Date? - Embrace Your Mortality - Live With Vitality

What happened next is best described in Patrick's own words:

"When I was eighteen years old, I changed hospitals and was seen by a new cardiologist. After reviewing my history and conducting a battery of tests he told me that he and his team hoped that I would live to be 30 years old!"

As you might expect, that particular visit to the doctor turned out to be a defining moment in Patrick's life.

In her book, On Death and Dying, Elizabeth Kubler-Ross identified five stages that a dying person goes through when they are told that they have a terminal illness - denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. In Patrick's case, there was a sixth stage - The Power of Mortality!

"In time, I transformed this diagnosis from a death sentence to a call to action!"

As a professional speaker, author and coach Patrick shares his deeply personal story with audiences everywhere and reveals the exciting insights that this experience has given him. Insights that we can all immediately apply to our own lives.

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