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Who is Ponn Sabra?

Ponn SabraPonn M. Sabra, is the Founder of, where she empowers women entrepreneurs to save time, earn more money and reach their goals through the power of power networks, grassroots marketing methods (i.e. hosting expos, and working with the local media), and applying internet marketing strategies. As an author and public speaker, Ponn shares her success principles gained in her roles as the youngest appointed public health official in the United States when she was 25, being a prolific freelance writer, top-producing real estate agent/foreclosure specialist, world-traveler, homeschool mother of 3, survivor of a horrible car accident, and having been recently diagnosed with an extremely rare brain disorder.

The Power of Power Network
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Click here to visit Ponn's website:
Click here to buy Ponn's Book: Empowering Women to Power Network: How to Save Time, Earn More Money, and Live a Life of Success by Building Quality Relationships Everywhere You Go

A horrible car accident in July 2004 empowered Ponn to write a one-of-a-kind inspirational, multi-cultural and spiritual resource-guide in 3-days while she was in bed. Empowering Women to Power Network ~ How to Save Time, Earn More Money & Live a Life of Success By Building Quality Relationships Everywhere You Go, offers easy-to-read and fun tips, tools and steps to empower women to create a power network. This is the very first networking book that challenges women to start building a power network from the beginning to the end, and Ponn motivates you every step of the way.

To learn more about her book and sign-up for FREE tips, articles and resources, visit her at

As a speaker, Ponn guarantees a passionate, energetic and entertaining ed-u-tainment event for all women of any age and background. Ponn draws her audience with all her performances, and shares that tissues and snorting are allowed.

Home page (with book information):

Empowering Women Right Now Blog:

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