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Who is Sanyika Calloway Boyce?

Sanyika Calloway Boyce Sanyika Calloway Boyce is a former debt strapped college student who graduated from Norfolk State University in 1994 with honors and $15,000 in unsecured debt.

Frustrated with the lack of practical financial information for 20-somethings and shut out of her career of choice due to poor credit management, Sanyika turned frustration into action.

In 1997, Sanyika founded SCB Enterprise with a mission to educate consumers about credit and its positive as well as potentially negative effects on their everyday lives.

She wrote a series of guides titled "Simple Credit Basics" with the goal of providing consumers with a variety of useful and easy-to-follow tips to improve their credit standing.

Since then, Sanyika has expanded her reach with seminars, workshops, and information products. This "Do-It-Herself" debt eliminator has a universal and ageless message that helps individuals understand money, credit and debt, while avoiding landmines that are often not apparent until they've caused irreversible damage.

Through real-life experiences, Sanyika has a clear understanding of the principles of basic finance, and possesses the ability to clearly communicate and relate topics regarding money, credit and debt with proven tips and techniques. Sanyika puts audiences at ease and facilitates effective learning experiences through interactive workshops that audiences enjoy.

Sanyika is Author of:

  • "Crack 'Da Code: What Every College Student Needs To Know About Money, Love & The Dream Job"
  • "Teen Money Tips: Simple Steps For Banking, Saving & Making Money"
  • "Understanding, Improving & Protecting Your Credit"

She is also the Co-author of:

  • "Student Success Stories"
  • "How To Achieve Unlimited Success: Strategies For Creating Extraordinary Results"

The Power of Being Accountable
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Click here to visit Sanyika's website:
Click here to buy Sanyika's Book: Crack Da Code What: Every College Student Needs to Know About Money, Love & The Dream Job
Click here to buy Sanyika's Book: Teen Money Tips: Simple Steps For Banking, Saving & Making Money

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